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“Matthew Shell: Making Art with Substance -- Quote: Currently working on an hour-long jazz opus, "First Light," Shell shares his upbeat philosophy of life and music success tips with our readers.”

“Matthew Shell – Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning -- Quote: This album showcases much of the incredibly gifted musical artists that Matthew Shell has written for and produced over the past few years. It shows his diversity as a producer, writer and musician... With songs like "My Baby" and the soundtrack song "Crime Never Sleeps", "Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning" is truly a powerful work of musical art that fills me with euphoria and comforts me.”

“Matthew Shell Drops A Sonic Beauty -- Quote: Virginia based musician and producer Matthew Shell has recently released a new album, “Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning“, and it is beautiful from start to finish. It is evident when listening to the project that countless hours were put into each track. With crisp and clear sound quality, beautiful arrangements and instrumentation, Matt takes the album in a number of musical directions.”

“Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning (Album Review) -- Quote: And if you listen to contemporary pop music, you can go a long time before hearing a tune that has the complex and tight vocal harmonies heard on the Matthew Shell’s new project Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning.”

“Title: GRAMMY.com Exclusive First Look: Arun Shenoy's -- Quote: On Aug. 30 Singapore-based GRAMMY-nominated songwriter/producer Arun Shenoy will release "Bliss,"...The radio edit of the song is currently being mixed by Matthew Shell & Conrad Osipowicz.”

“Title: GRAMMY.com Exclusive First Listen: Trey Eley And Matthew Shell -- Quote: Jazz duo debuts new song "Twilight" featuring Greg Adams from new album Freedom only on GRAMMY.com...Hailing from Washington, D.C., Shell is currently based in Vienna, Va., where he works as a producer at Assembly Line Studios. He has produced artists such as Marcus Johnson and Carolyn Malachi and engineered for artists such as O.A.R., among others. More recently, Shell produced/mixed the forthcoming collaborative jazz album Freedom.”

“Title: Selena Gomez Goes GoGo in New Single -- Quote: Jason Kidd, the program director, asked WPGC’s DJ Flexx to produce a gogo version of the hit. In a quick turnaround, DJ Flexx enlisted 4DC Music Group and Matthew Shell to help put together the track. The song has already become the new rave of the city.”

“SiriusXM Radio Interview on the Maggie Linton Show -- Quote: We begin this with a couple of people following their passion for music. Matthew Shell, aka MTS, is a music producer and engineer and is founder and CEO of the publishing house and record label MTS Music. IhsAn Bilal is a vocal artist and writer...Her album T.E.A.L. hit the iTunes hot 200 for R&B.”

“Title: Grammy Nominated Artist Carolyn Malachi Reveals that a Little Support and Faith Can Go a Long Way -- Quote: Grammy nominated artist Carolyn Malachi came back to our studio to hit us with her new single "Beautiful Dreamer." Getting a lot of buzz, Carolyn Malachi's "Beautiful Dreamer" is an inspiring account of overcoming incredible odds and living a passionate life.”

“Title: WPFW 89.3 FM interview on Evening Jazz with Keanna Faircloth -- Quote: On this edition of Evening Jazz, Keanna Faircloth's interviews the team behind the 'My Baby' music video, including producer/songwriter Matthew Shell, story treatment writer Terra Tuono-Shell, singer/songwriter IhsAn Bilal, singer/songwriter Reginald Honore, co-producer Jerome Lawrence, marketing expert/actor Andres Escobar and the video's director/editor Joseph Mobley.”

“Hybrid Jazz Radio interview with Trish Hennessey -- Quote: The only thing wrong with this song [Dance Shake] is that I want it five minutes longer.”

“Kenny Wesley – The Window (Exclusive MTS Mix) – Exclusive TGBE Lyric Video -- Quote: Starting with an excellent and beautiful new mix by Matthew Shell of the equally talented but with different skills, musical artist Kenny Wesley. I’ve been a fan of Kenny’s voice since I was first introduced to him by way of MTS Music productions. Wielding not only a powerful angelic voice, Kenny Wesley sings beautiful lyrics with powerful words. I’ll be honest, I’m concerned with a lot of different aspects of modern American culture. The love for guns and pride of nonsensical things like one’s own race, concerns me. Especially in my rather backwards thinking state of Arizona. But what helps me get through the day and make peace, is when I hear songs like The Window. Beautiful art like this song restores my faith in people, and reminds me we’re not all crazy, disturbed and ignorant. There are plenty of good people among us wanting to move humanity in a positive and peaceful direction.”

“Kenny Wesley – The Window (MTS REMIX) -- Quote: MTS aka Matthew Shell has flipped Kenny Wesley’s ‘The Window’. The original single marks Wesley’s debut with the label Narked Records, and a matter of great pride for founder and CEO, Arun Shenoy, a fan of Wesley’s work over the years. A neo-soul meets Seal meets Cee Lo Green kind of musical vibe, combined with Wesley’s soulful vocal performance helped bring the song together to create what is now widely regarded as a Kenny Wesley classic. And now, taking it to a whole new level, the magic touch of producer Matthew Shell (MTS). Shell has stripped out the percussion lines making the track much lighter and bringing a more jazzier sound. The whole impression is bluesy, smooth and rolling with funky vibes. Shell does it again, after working his magic on Molly Moore’s single ‘Natural Disaster’.”

“Matthew Shellが生み出す米国MTS MUSICの世界vol.2 -- Quote: 「ここに紹介するのは私の制作した新しい曲とアーティストたちです。ヴォーカルアーティストの Samantha Gunneyをフューチャーし、ピアニストのVahagn Stepanyan、そしてチェリストのYoed Nir。これらは世界平和の祈りのために制作したものです」”

“First Listen: Matthew Shell makes us “Dance Shake” with new song -- Quote: Music fans may not know the name Matthew Shell, but they’ve probably heard his work. Known as a music producer and audio engineer. He’s worked in jazz, R&B, rock and soul, among other genres, and with artists ranging from rockers O.A.R. to soul acts like Carolyn Malachi. Matthew has just released a new song that harkens back to the heyday of dance music in the late 70s and early 80s.”

“Dance Shake -- Quote: I love the dynamic between the two vocalists who bring perfect pitch to the incredibly technical and musical production. This is no run of the mill radio track. One listen should tell you that there is a clear understanding of music theory and arrangement. The mix itself is super clean, with every instrument (and I say instrument because everything played is live.. hear that BASS?) serving a clear purpose. I would like to say, almost in a negative way, that this track is perfectly Pop… but honestly, it is so well done…. it really is perfectly Pop (in the best way possible).”

“Matthew Shell - Crime Never Sleeps (feat. Lonnie Park) -- Quote: Whilst we hardly ever touch rock music, there’s something rather compelling about the complexion of this new track. It starts off a little too in your face but once it calms down it’s a rather intricate listen that offers non-rock fans a chance to hear something different. Shell brings his deep production into the fray as you find yourself immersed in the whole proceedings. The problem with rock music, is that it never appears to be standing still. Where as other genres infuse modern techniques and sounds, often crossing genres, rock music doesn’t do the same. It almost comes across naive, stubborn and arrogant, but hopefully things will change soon. Creating rock music with layering depth needs to happen, fans need to branch out and not limit their ears. It’s a tribute to Shell for trying to move boundaries, will it take off, we hope so.”

“Dance Shake – A New Single By Matthew Shell Feat. Ihsan Bilal & V.I.C.U. -- Quote: Dance Shake is the first single from the upcoming Matthew Shell album Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning coming this fall 2015. The song is funky and totally dance floor friendly with it’s house beat, funky baseline (a bit of thumping around can be heard), and the club lingo dominating the lyrics. It is on par with the top dance club hits of recent years. This is a sign of the professionalism behind the production... One very important factor that truly separates Dance Shake from the large quantity of popular EDM tracks out there is the incredible feat of recording 31 different layers of live violin, viola, and cello playing by musician Yoed Nir.”

“Title: Matthew Shell: Engineering Success -- Quote: It’s not often that you hear about the engineers that make the magic happen in the studio. Yet, recently Generation Bass ran an interview with Matthew Shell, an engineer and producer based out of Washington DC who has been behind some truly unique and creative projects. His sensibilities range, but have a strong center in jazz and R&B. With that, Shell has blossomed into quite an amazing producer. Check out his story and a sampling of tracks he has worked on over at Generation Bass.”

“Title: New Talent: Kenny Wesley – Rock With You -- Quote: Singer and songwriter Kenny Wesley hails from Jacksonville, North Carolina, but his talent has taken him all around the world. He has opened for artists like Carl Thomas, Stephanie Mills, and Anthony David and had his music featured on “The View” and Music Choice. Grammy award-winning artist Gordon Chambers has said, “Kenny’s tenor is Hathaway deep, Luther warm and, in terms of color, could only be described as golden. Truly an anointing moment whenever he and a microphone cross paths”. Look below to watch Kenny, along with Trey Eley on the flute, remake Michael Jackson‘s classic “Rock With You.””

“Title: WPFW 89.3 FM interview on Midday Jazz with Keanna Faircloth -- Quote: I had the pleasure of interviewing the dynamic duo that is Matthew Shell and Trey Eley on Midday Jazz!!”

“Matthew Shell Brings Music To “City Of Lost Souls.” (Travestee Films) -- Quote: Some new intense music was just dropped by way of Matthew Shell that he was hired to produce for an upcoming crime thriller film shot in Baltimore. The movie is called City of Lost Souls, directed, produced and edited by Jason Baustin of Travestee Films. The film will be released on November, 10th at the American Film Institute Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, MD. "Crime Never Sleeps" features heavy Electro Beats with a strong and powerful melody driven by guitars and synthesizers. Lazzo shines on the heavy and powerful guitars. The track is also co-produced by Strat Carter.”

“Title: The Lodge masters "Victorious" by Matthew Shell -- Matthew Shell's new single, Genesis off his highly anticipated album Victorious, is certainly one of a kind and was mastered here at The Lodge by Chief Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar and assisted by Rich Morales. Genesis is a collaboration with Arun Shenoy, a Grammy-nominated composer and producer. The official video is just as notable, for it debuts the Raven MTX multitouch production console by Slate Pro Audio.”

“Philip Lawrence Records ‘It‘s A Jungle Out Here' at Blue Room Productions -- Quote: Congratulations to Philip Lawrence and his team (Jeeve Ducornet & Michael Diskint) for their song “It’s A Jungle Out Here” being featured in the upcoming film “Rio 2,” coming to theaters this Spring of 2014. While Philip was in town with Bruno Mars for the first stop at the Verizon Center for their Moonshine Jungle Tour, Philip wanted to keep working on his own music, so he Googled “recording studio”. Philip says he was impressed by the Blue Room Productions’ website and so he called studio director Conrad Osipowicz to book a session. Matthew Shell held down the assistant engineer duties for that day. Here’s a photo from this memorable and fun session. We wish Philip and his team much success for this wonderful song.”

“Molly Moore – Natural Disaster (MTS Remix) -- Quote: MTS has added some more grandeur to Molly Moore’s single ‘Natural Disaster’, adding in cello and piano to the glorious single. The original ‘Natural Disaster’ is a fully free flowing powerful pop track that could easily float inside the charts if it goes viral. It has all the entities to be a real hit. We all said that Moore could easily be the next Bebe Rexha, with her powerful vocals empowering us with such virtue. This remix adds to the package, MTS has done the single justice whilst adding to its mellow power with the cello and piano.”

“Molly Moore Gets an Emotional Remix! -- Quote: Beautiful piano and soft strings come together perfectly to transform the already awesome track into something fit for a Broadway musical.”

“BEST INDIE POP - WEEK 20 -- Quote: Get your morning on with this smooth remix. With its softly added textured background MTS takes Molly Moore's single into greater heights. One listen spirals listeners into an a dreamy state of mind, no wonder it’s been getting lots of internet love.”

“Molly Moore - Natural Disaster (MTS Remix) -- Quote: Yesterday, Molly shared remix by MTS Music (Matthew Shell) of her song Natural Disaster. This version is stripped down to just her vocals, piano, and strings - yet it still sounds just as wonderful as the original, if not better. This is THE perfect anthem for anyone going through the pain of a difficult relationship.”

“Molly Moore – Natural Disaster (MTS Remix) -- Quote: Matthew Shell of MTS Music has one of those rare special gifts of finding talented people and envisioning a successful future for them. This is one of the key roles a successful music producer needs to master, but more truthfully, this character trait needs to be naturally innate.”

“Molly Moore: Natural Disaster (MTS Remix) -- Quote: Someone call choreographer Stacey Tookey. Singer-songwriter Molly Moore just released a remix of her single “Natural Disaster” by MTS and it’s ready for its stage debut. Close your eyes and imagine a dancer floating mid-tour jeté, spinning into a series of fouetté sautés across the floor or just stationary in a classic arabesque extended to the soft refrain of Molly’s voice – exploring the deepest depths to the highest of highs. Is it possible for a song to be picturesque?”

“Title: Boss Music – Alexis D’Souza feat Rocio Marron on Violin (Matthew Shell Producer/Mixer) -- Quote: This new track by Matthew Shell of MTS Music is very hot. Besides the expected high caliber professional quality production, the lyrics have intelligence behind them, which are matched perfectly with the exquisite vocals of their writer Alexis D’Souza. Alexis is definitely a talent I will keep my eye on because I imagine great things for her. The violin playing is absolutely incredible and intense. Played by Rocio Marron, the violin plays a huge role, harmonizing with short licks and intricate riffs.”

“MTS Music – Film Demo Reel -- Quote: [Matthew Shell] continues to grow professionally...Recently he put together a demo reel of some of his brilliant projects. I must admit I find the work rather intimidating because it looks so incredibly good. Watching it for me also was like a rather pleasant walk down memory lane. It brought me back to when we first met while I was with Generation Bass covering his song and video 'Beautiful Dreamer' with Carolyn Malachi.”

“Trish Hennessey Radio Review of Devin Spear's "Lullaby" -- Quote: I just love that song...and thank you to Matthew Shell, producer extraordinaire for turning me on to this sound.”

“My Baby (Music Video) – An Exclusive TGBE First Look -- Quote: As promised here it is! The Global Bass Experience exclusive first look of “My Baby,” the official music video, shot, edited and directed brilliantly by Joseph Mobley, presented by MTS Music and DJ Flexx, featuring the talents of IhsAn Bilal, Honore’ and D.C. Don Juan. This video is a collaboration of many talents, which is obvious by its superior quality. Again a pristine engineering and production job by the incredibly talented Matthew Shell (MTS Music). Check it out here first on The Global Bass Experience. I’m not sure how we got so lucky but we are ever so grateful to Matthew Shell and his collaborators.”

“My Baby (Jazz Remix) -- Quote: The remix itself is very well done but with the new piano arrangement it just adds so much more. Most would make a nice downtempo lounge remix... The piano playing however is what sets it apart as something incredible.”

“El Guero Unico’s – Best of 2013 -- Quote: Back when I was still one of the equal owners of Generation Bass I befriended an excellent producer, writer and musician named Matthew Shell. Ever since we connected I have discovered some of the best music I’ve ever heard as well as having been introduced to many brilliant and talented musicians. Matthew Shell – Victorious. In 2013 we saw the release of his amazing album “Victorious.” On this album I was introduced to the genius violinist Ian Cameron & co-producer/arranger Arun Shenoy. Here are some tracks from Victorious along with extras.”

“Title: Believer & Achiever: Matthew Shell -- Quote: The iBelieve – iAchieve community would like to welcome its latest “believer and achiever”, Mr. Matthew Shell. Mr. Shell was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions that will shed some light on his road to success!”

“My Baby Teaser Video and Interview With Matthew Shell and Ihsan Bilal -- Quote: Matthew Shell of MTS Music is a champion of modern day Rhythm and Blues. I am incredibly fortunate to know him and have him send me great work throughout the year, I’ve gone on and on about his skills as a producer and musician but perhaps haven’t said enough about his writing abilities. One of his latest masterpieces is called “My Baby,” which he wrote for his wife. It features amazing vocals by Washington D.C. based singer and writer Ihsan Bilal and is cowritten by D.C. Don Juan and Honore’. The track was released earlier this year with Soundcloud recently promoting it. With over half a million plays on Soundcloud, this is officially the most played song I’ve ever written about (except for when I write about Prince).”

“This time with a whole other musical outfit from Las Vegas called D2D (Dare To Dream) UnderGround. D2D is a tight team of professionals led by Matthew Shell and Kenny McNeil, featuring original uplifting r&b and hip hop tracks. The production as expected, is of the highest caliber. The musicianship is equally brilliant to the superb recording and mastering on their new album “What’s Your Dream."”

“My Baby – A Love Song For A Special Someone (Matthew Shell, Ihsan Bilal, Honore’ & Don Juan) -- Quote: Matthew Shell has brought us a variety of top notch independent releases involving R&B, Soul, Pop and Jazz. His latest releases is also his most meaningful for him. Throughout human history there has been no greater muse than one’s lover. In this case Matthew Shell’s muse is his wife Terra. Recently wed, Matthew wished to express his feelings through the art form of song. “My Baby” is riddled with meaningful lyrics with deeper meanings, even biblically based, each expressing different stories and truths about their relationship.”

“At the age of 16, singer songwriter Sydni Alexander has already released music on iTunes! The young artist joined FOX 5 to talk about her career and to perform!”

“Devin Spear – Lullaby (MTS Music) -- Quote: Matthew Shell never ceases to amaze me with the quality of production and musicianship featured on his productions. Devin played the guitar on other excellent projects with MTS Music. He was the guitarist on the Carolyn Malachi‘s song “Beautiful Dreamer” as well as Matthew Shell and Trey Eley‘s “Beauty In Freedom.” So I was already aware of his talent and as a guitar player and guitar lover myself, I can honestly say that his skills on the instrument are excellent. He has a passionate and sensitive tone that I admire. One of the hardest things to develop as a musician is one’s own sound. Devin Spear hails from Falls Church, VA. ”Lullaby” is his first ever song release after several gigs as a session musician as well as songwriter, guitarist, and co-producer for all of pop artist Sydni Alexander‘s songs. Just listen to those recordings and you will see very quickly how talented Devin really is.”

“Title: Get Behind Me, Now Stay There - Episode 32 (Matthew Shell Interview) -- Quote: Along with being featured on GRAMMY365.com, Matthew has produced artists such as Arun Shenoy, Marcus Johnson, Kenny Wesley, Sydni Alexander, Kenny McNeil (D2D), Carolyn Malachi, Kolten Perine, Greg Adams, Paul Jackson Jr. and Trey Eley. Matthew has remixed for Selena Gomez, engineered for O.A.R. and Philip Lawrence, and has engineered and mixed for DJ Flexx, Free, Jeff Lorber, Marcus Mitchell, and Gerald Albright, among others. We sat down with him for this amazing interview, fascinating insight into music from the producer to the stars.”

“Title: TGBE Exclusive! Victorious and Freedom Free Full Album Downloads! + Selena Gomez Remix! -- Quote: It is impossible to hide Matthew Shell’s incredible engineer and production skills when one listens to anything he’s associated with. He’s brought my attention to a plethora of extremely experienced and skilled musicians and vocalists and only continues to do so seemingly at an increasing rate. His restless spirit can be attributed to his success and talent. No matter what is going on in the outside world, Matthew delivers a product so pristine even Grammy.Com couldn’t avoid encountering his work and then praising it. I share in the enthusiasm one feels when encountering his productions.”

“Title: Jazz Music Producer Matthew Shell Collaborates with Pop Instrumental GRAMMY® Nominee Arun Shenoy on New Single, “GENESIS.” -- Quote: Director Jason Baustin, of Traveste Films, combined footage from the various recording sessions in Armenia, India, Germany, and the U.S. to create a music video that drives home the global nature of the collaboration and the powerful part played by technology.”

“Title: Matthew Shell and Arun Shenoy Genesis Music Video & Full Victorious LP Preview -- Quote: Victorious is more than just a incredibly beautiful album, it is proof of how musicians and artists from around the world can now connect to record amazing music together without the limitations of location.”

“Title: New Single Genesis -- Quote: Jazz Music Producer Matthew Shell Collaborates with Arun Shenoy.”

“Title: El Guero Unico’s Top 12 Albums Of 2012 -- Quote: Matthew Shell and Trey Eley are simply and profoundly incredible. ‘Freedom’ is perhaps the best album I’ve heard in years. I know if Miles Davis were still alive and was shown this album, he would be obsessed with it. I wish I had the ability to send it Prince’s way because I can safely bet that he would absolutely love it too. The musicianship I must reiterate is of the highest caliber. I can only dream of playing as well as any one of the musicians on this album. Not only is the music very powerful and beautiful, the people behind it are also wonderful, intelligent and very kind. I can and do honestly wish Matthew Shell and Trey Eley along with all their creative friends involved with ‘Freedom’ the best of luck and much future fortune. Let the music take you over with ‘Freedom’”

“Title: Hybrid Jazz - w/ Arun Shenoy & Matthew Shell -- Quote: We have welcomed Matthew Shell two times - the third is the charm! Matthew and Arun have worked together to create a very special project. "Genesis" is the name of the single that is their collaboration. With Ian Cameron on violin and guests artists that span the globe, this breathtaking "HYBRID" instrumental soars! And it showcases the promise of what's to come regarding our producer/sound engineer's highly anticipated project, "Victorious", coming this Summer! Matthew has worked with a myriad of artists from different backgrounds - so coming together with Arun was as organic as any endeavor they could have dreamed.”

“Title: The Blue Room Genesis Sessions -- Quote: I knew of Matt's work, it had been featured by the GRAMMY's...Genesis is an instrumental collaboration featuring an intercontinental team of musicians, writers, arrangers and engineers made possible by modern technology transported via the Internet. The recording process was unconventional; it began with a keyboard-programmed demo. At no point did the musicians occupy studio space together. Every collaborator recorded independently and sent the tracks to Matt who inserted them into a Pro Tools session. The outcome respectfully deviates from the demo with each layer increasing the metabolism of the track with exhilarating effect.”

“Title: Ticket to Grammys -- Quote: [Jonathan Anand] Wesley is currently working on an album called Victorious with Arun [Shenoy] and a producer, Matthew Shell.”

“Title: Engineer & Producer Matthew Shell (Interview) -- Quote: Press coverage is increasing for Matthew’s production work. Most recently, Kenny Wesley’s “Rock With You” music video was featured on FreesWorld.com & Grammy nominated Carolyn Malachi’s “Beautiful Dreamer” music video was shown & discussed on Fox 5 DC Morning News.”

“Title: Who The Hell Is…Kenny Wesley? -- Quote: (and why the hell is he covering Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”?) I must admit, when I got sent this email by Popdose grand poobah Jeff Giles, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to listen. I can count on one hand the MJ covers that I’ve legitimately liked. But curiosity got the best of me and I watched the video, and came away totally impressed. Wesley got the lightness of Michael’s delivery down pat, and the music is as breezy as the vocal, with a bit more jazz flavor than the original. I particularly dig the falsetto goodness towards the song’s end. I hope to hear more from Kenny Wesley soon!”

“Matthew Shell (MTS) is a Washington DC based music producer & engineer, recently featured on GRAMMY.com He has produced artists such as Marcus Johnson, Kenny Wesley, D2D, Carolyn Malachi, Kolten Perine, Greg Adams, Paul Jackson Jr. & Trey Eley. MTS has engineered for O.A.R. & has engineered & mixed for DJ Flexx, Free, Jeff Lorber, Marcus Mitchell, Gerald Albright, among others. MTS’ upcoming album “Victorious” will feature many of his favorite collaborators, including Kenny McNeil, Javier Starks, Danielle Withers, G.P. Jackson, Taurus Soul, Bomani Armah, Rufus Fly, bassist Markus Huber, pianist Vahagn Stepanyan, violinist Ian Cameron & GRAMMY nominated producer Arun Shenoy, among others.”

“Title: Think Exclusive, Be Exclusive -- Quote: What inspired your new album? The main inspiration or goal for this new jazz album “Freedom” was to have live drums from start to finish. Also the concept of musical freedom and not being confined to any one genre played a major role in the creative process for this album.”

“Title: Trish Hennessey - Hybrid Jazz Radio Interview with Trey Eley & Matthew Shell - 9-18-2012 -- Quote: You are infusing new life into the genre of jazz.”

“Title: Matthew Shell - Music Producer/Sound Engineer Interview -- Quote: What inspires you (or your music)? My music is inspired by God, family, friends, and everyday life. Having a legacy of great music is the goal. I want everything that I work on to exude excellence and originality.”

“Title: A Unique New Music Collaboration: Genesis -- Quote: The music on this single [Genesis] features guest musicians from around the world, including Ian Cameron from Canada on lead violins. Director Jason Baustin has combined footage from the various recording sessions in Armenia, India, Germany, & in the US to create the music video that accompanies the music.”

“Title: Mason ‘Sing-Off’ contestant releases new songs -- Quote: Danielle Withers, the Mason grad who competed on NBC’s “The Sing-Off” last fall, has released two new songs. “Peaceful Ballad,” with Marcus Mitchell on saxophone, is available for free online at soundcloud.com/MTSmusic. Another song, “Believe” with Javier Starks, is available on iTunes. Withers competed on the reality show with the Howard University-based group, Afro-Blue. The group beat out 12 other groups before being ousted from the final four contestants. The weekly series hosted by Nick Lachey follows 16 a cappella groups from across the country as they compete for a Sony Music recording contract and $200,000 cash prize. Withers recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue professional opportunities.”

“Title: Watch Kenny Wesley 'Rock' Out In The Studio -- Quote: The overall reception for Kenny Wesley's cover of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" was a warm one. Most (myself included) agreed that he slam dunked his version, coloring outside the lines but still remaining true to the original. Now we get to see Wesley in action bringing this song to life in the music video for "Rock With You." There's nothing fancy here and no glitter suits or mimicry of the original video, but there is Kenny recording his vocals while Trey Eley accompanies him on flute during their studio session with Matthew Shell aka MTS behind the boards. You won't find any studio trickery or Auto-Tune here, folks. This is 100% singing at its finest. Watch and take notes.”

“Matthew Shell arrives at the 54th annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 12, 2012.”

“Title: Soul Train Sound Check: Kenny Wesley—More Than Decent -- Quote: ...and just this month, [Kenny Wesley] released a single covering music’s all-time favorite star, Michael Jackson. Not everyone can redo an MJ classic like “Rock With You” and sound better than the gloved legend himself, but Kenny does just that with his recent single release of the popular cover. Showcasing his four-plus octave range and melodic jazzy soul leanings, Kenny gives a glimpse of what he has on the horizon as he prepares to release a yet unnamed new body of work.”

“Title: The Jazz and R&B Sounds of Matthew Shell -- Quote: The Bass kicks in with this funky soulful groove and all the pieces come together forming a perfect son that hits right there one's soul. I went on to listen to more and more productions from Matthew Shell and never ceased to find joy in all that I heard.”

“Title: Local music roundup: Carolyn Malachi... -- Quote: Carolyn Malachi, the Grammy-nominated R&B singer who closed out this summer’s free Going Out Guide concert series at Carter Barron Amphitheatre, has a new video out for her song “Beautiful Dreamer.” It’s a video fitting for a song with such a positive title.”

“Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) 2012 Nominee Announced: BEST SONG/SCORE SPECIAL FEATURE: "Freedom Album Premier" Music by Trey Eley & Matthew Shell.”

“Check out this amazing cover of MJ done by Kenny Wesley.. produced and mixed by Matthew Shell and mastered with the Slate Digital FG-X Processor.”

“Title: Beautiful! -- Quote: This is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Danielle is one of my favorite sopranos!!”

“Title: DMV Filter: Javier Starks -- We last mentioned Javier Starks in the spring when we stamped the Up and Up Open Mic as the best in the city. On Monday, Starks released the video for "Alright Now," a jazzy, reflective single from his forthcoming Faces of Change mixtape. The song, with prominent flute and saxophone solos, is about staying the course and keeping positive. Here, Javier raps, "I'm livin' life on the edge, you said it was troublesome/Only a glutton for punishment would understand where I'm coming from."”

“Title: Awesome Chill Out Track Available For Download -- Quote: Hey everyone - We have a special treat for you! The top producer Matthew Shell ... not yet released on SoundCloud! Quick, if you want to preview / download this amazing track before it is published to SoundCloud ... check out this link: http://www.cdbaby.com/CD/MatthewShell -- We hope you enjoy it - and please check out one of our top contributors to our group: Matthew Shell. The drum beat, rapping at the beginning, and the amazingly relaxing voice which accompanies the tune which is polished to perfection all create an amazing entertaining, thought clearing, rap and yet relaxing track! Check it out!”

“Title: Faces of Change "Short Film" -- Quote: Javier Starks + House Studio present the Faces Of Change Concert. A one night event at club CB1212 (Washington, D.C.), the concert featured some of the best artist in the DMV and showcased a great collaborative project. Javier Starks has a bright future ahead of him and this video gives fans a peek into the mind of this rising star.”

“Title: Soundcloud May 2012 -- Quote: Matthew “MTS” Shell’s songwriting, production, & mixing work included in Marcus Johnson’s “FLO Chill” landed him a solid number #7 on the Billboard Jazz charts; a CD set where all three discs landed in the Billboard top 15. Most recently, Matthew’s co-writing, production, engineering, & mixing work can be heard on Grammy Nominated artist Carolyn Malachi’s indie hit “Beautiful Dreamer” along with many jazz pieces with flute artist Trey Eley. Matt’s newest collaboration with Trey is an update on MJ’s classic “Rock With You” for artist Kenny Wesley. This song recently gained momentum when featured onFreesWorld.com by Free who came to fame on BET’s “106 & Park” and is currently a radio personality on WPGC 95.5 FM. Also, Matthew’s Pro Tools engineering work for O.A.R.’s 36 song project “Rain Or Shine” made its mark on the Billboard charts by becoming the #5 Independent Album, #7 Alternative Album, and #10 Rock LP”

“Title: Kenny Wesley Wants To 'Rock With You' -- Quote: When you possess a four-octave range like Washington, DC-based singer/songwriter Kenny Wesley does, it's pretty much guaranteed that you can sing anything and sing it well with relative ease. So when I ran into him this past weekend and he told me that he remade Michael Jackson's "Rock With You," I didn't hesitate to tell him to send it to me quick, fast, and in a hurry because I knew that it would be an aural treat. It goes without saying that I love it when I'm right. Produced by Matthew Shell and Trey Eley (who is also featured on flute), this rendition turns Michael's beloved hit into an upbeat jazzy number, and even MJ purists will have to give it up to Kenny for his stellar vocal performance. Wesley hits both the honey-coated warm notes and soaring highs with the same aplomb. I've heard this brother sing live on numerous occasions ... with Stephanie Mills, The Foreign Exchange, and Deborah Bond -- and he never disappoints.”

“Title: Carolyn Malachi “Beautiful Dreamer” [VIDEO] -- Quote: You know those singers who’s music captures you, spins you around—and you love every minute of the journey? Well, Carolyn Malachi falls in that category. Hailing from Washington D.C., Malachi is the great-granddaughter of jazz pianist John Malachi, but her musical range reaches far beyond her jazz upbringing. Her latest video “Beautiful Dreamer”, featuring Niya Bell, showcases mystical stories intertwined to reveal that a little encouragement and alot of faith can go a very long way.”

“Carolyn Malachi "Beautiful Dreamer"”

“Title: Carolyn Malachi - Beautiful Dreamer -- Quote: Carolyn Malachi's "Beautiful Dreamer" is an inspiring account of overcoming incredible odds and living a passionate life. The music video features the point of view of Niya Bell, a nine-year-old genius who escapes to a mystical wood after being bullied by her peers and grown-up dreamers who work, live, and thrive in the real world. Niya and the dreamers' stories intertwine to reveal that a little encouragement and lots of faith can go a very long way.”

“Title: Carolyn Malachi Gets Dreamy on Her New Single -- Quote: Malachi's new song, "Beautiful Dreamer," is the inspirational lead single from her forthcoming album of the same name. "It's a never-ending story, dying for the glory, living through the pain," she sings over piano keys and an Afro-Caribbean rhythm. On the song's 10-minute extended mix, she plays the background, letting the music swell behind pianist Vahagn Stepanyan, flutist Trey Eley, and others, before she finally comes in near the eight-minute mark. The lyrics, which Malachi began writing in October, "started as a pep talk to myself," she says. "You want something so bad, then when it doesn't happen, you get down on yourself." The song, she continues, is about staying the course when times get rough. ...In [the video], Malachi plays the role of guardian angel, helping 9-year-old Niya Bell believe in herself when bullies put her down for making a good grade in school.”

“Title: Carolyn Malachi Is A 'Beautiful Dreamer' -- Quote: Bounce-Worthy songstress and GRAMMY nominee Carolyn Malachi is back on our radar with "Beautiful Dreamer," a new song with a meaningful video to match. Inspired by President Barack Obama's It Gets Better address, Malachi tackles the subject of bullying with young actress Niya Bell playing a student who gets taunted by her peers for getting good grades. The bullies chase her into the woods and rip her notebook to shreds once they catch up to her. As this is happening, the video cuts to movers and shakers from the Washington, DC arts community standing with their eyes closed in a dream-like state. Meanwhile back in the woods, Carolyn finds little Niya and helps her to gather her belongings before handing the child's notebook back to her in tact. The youngster turns around to thank Malachi only to find that she has disappeared as she is left to wonder if it was all a dream.”

“Title: Windows Media Guide Features Beautiful Dreamer -- Quote: WindowsMedia.com, WindowsMedia.com/mobile and the Windows Media player for PC are all a division of Microsoft. They are considered an entertainment guide and receive roughly 250 million hits a month, with 14 million of those being unique. Although the majority of the traffic is from the US, they also receive a large amount of international traffic. Content is featured from around the world and spans television, music, film, video game and radio station content -- Carolyn Malachi Wrote: Windows Media Guide just delivered the Beautiful Dreamer music video to an estimated 400 million people who use devices powered by the Microsoft Windows operating system. I would like to thank video director John Ledbetter, song producer Matthew Shell, Starrworks, Big Apple Style Marketing, each friend featured in the video, and all of you who support my music.”

“Title: A Beautiful Dreamer – The Carolyn Malachi Interview -- Quote: I was in the audience for the screening of the video in DC and it was a great moment. The video has a wonderful message against bullying and I thank you for that.”

“Title: VMT Song Of The Day: Carolyn Malachi – Beautiful Dreamer -- Quote: Something a little different but different is always good, right?! In this case, yes! Here is some Jazz/Neo Soul infusion from Carolyn Malachi. Good song. It’s an inspiring account of overcoming incredible odds and living a passionate life.”

“Title: Carolyn Malachi – 2011 Grammy Nominee -- Quote: I was so excited and honored to meet and interview Carolyn Malachi behind the scenes at her new music video shoot call. “Beautiful Dreamer” which was shot at The Beacon Hotel, Sky Bar. It was shot at the cracked of dawn, early but DC was so beautiful and peaceful at the time.”

“Title: Beautiful Dreamer by Carolyn Malachi -- Quote: As with everything Carolyn Malachi breathes on, "Beautiful Dreamer" is yet another amazing track! I especially like the (Extended Jazz Mix) extended pleasure version (as I like to call it). Let this play in the background as you map your journey and manifest your dreams. Carolyn's soothing voice glides in for extended success and an absolutely stress free landing somewhere over the rhythmic rainbow (around the 7:40 minute marker) It's well worth the wait~ Enjoy”

“Title: The Briggs Report Carolyn Malachi Releases BEAUTIFUL DREAMER -- DC Urban Alternative/SOUL Artist CAROLYN MALACHI has released her new video for the single Beautiful Dreamer. Shot by multimedia mogul JOHN LEDBETTER, the video shares an in-depth view to the possibilities that lurk within each of us. Beautiful Dreamer is a track that captures inspiration, perseverance, and dedication to the dreams that all of us wish to follow. Taking a stance on bullying, self-esteem, and actualizations, the video adds to the already deep lyrics that Ms. Malachi penned for this song. Her word choice and melodies are enchanting as usual...ENJOY!”

“Title: [NEW MUSIC] “Beautiful Dreamer” by Carolyn Malachi -- Quote: Beautiful Song, Empowering Lyrics, Wonderful Video. Check it out!”

“Title: Carolyn Malachi: Beautiful Dreamer [Official Video] -- Quote: Check the stunning new video and single from the Grammy nominated DMV based singer Carolyn Malachi. This soul and reggae tinged groove speaks of drifting to that beautiful place when the world outside gets heavy. Very uplifting and beautifully executed.”

“Title: Marcus Johnson - FLO (For The Love Of) -- Quote: The gently groovy “Latin Funk“ and the hypnotic “Kreep’n The Vibe“ are all worthy of individual comment. Best of all is “Shalom.“ Groovy, tender and melodic this might just be one of the best examples of original music of the year so far.”

“Title: Flo: Chill CD -- Quote: FLO: Chill …will remind you of walking into the swankest London Lounge. With this production, Johnson continues his commitment to independent thought in music by giving several young producers free reign to give him music to play over that produced a perfect blend of jazzy keyboards with racy, dynamic tracks — Straight chillin’.”

“Title: MARCUS JOHNSON RELEASES 'FLO' CD TRILOGY -- Quote: The release of three CDs simultaneously is an amazing accomplishment. And, to have them each hit Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Top 15 at the same time should be one for the jazz music history books... "FLO Chill" delivers a musical journey of incomparable 'chillin'.”

“Title: Music Review: FLO - Romance, Chill, and Standards -- Quote: A brief disclosure: I’m not a big fan of “chill” or “lounge” music… [However] Two FLO: Chill tracks I did like, “Another Planet“ and “Shalom,“ serve as perfect accompaniments for a cocktail party, and unlike other “chill” tracks I’ve heard, are under five minutes long.”

“Title: Marcus Johnson – FLO Series Includes Acid Jazzy Chill, Romance, and Standards -- Quote: Relaxation remains the goal of the project, and if you desire music that serves as a mood enhancer rather than as an attentive listening experience, FLO fulfills that requirement. …The subtitle for FLO: Chill is “lounge vibes and dance grooves with the right touch of jazz.” That got my attention. Johnson adds electronica elements to his music creating some interesting sounds. Some of it falls in the acid jazz category. I’ve already added “Another Planet“ to the ContemporaryJazz.com Radio playlist and it won’t be the last cut I pull from this release. ”