“Miscomunicado has been gaining a lot of traction in the local music scene here in Fort Collins. This 3-piece psych rock band recently released an album entitled Color.A.D.O. in April of 2014. They are known for mixing electronic music with various genres to make a sound all their own. The Whisk(e)y has a small intimate venue in the back of their bar, which sould make for a perfect intimate show with one of Fort Collins' fastest growing bands.”

The Scene Magazine

“As much as I enjoy catching bands I love, one of the best thing about writing these reviews is that I am exposed to music I might never have otherwise come across. Opening acts can make or break the total show experience, so some people play it safe and show up fashionably late, just in time for the headliner. Anybody running that strategy for this show missed a very interesting band. Miscomunicado juxtaposed a few standard ideas into a strange, but cool band configuration. Drawing from electronic acts and hip hop, they relied on laptop driven tracks for the foundation beats and bass. But instead of MCs or turntablists filling out the group, they had a two-pronged guitar attack that expanded the sound into deep-space funk. Rounding out the performance, their live projection artist, skEYEfi, provided a psychedelic visual accompaniment.”

“The three-piece trip rock outfit from Ft. Collins delivers us up something savory. With tracks labeled “Sex & Drugs,” “Pizza Party” and “Midnight Snack” one can only assume that Miscomunicado had but a few things on its mid while writing - we’re assuming munchies. So if “Color.A.D.O.” was labeled a delicious Gardetto’s mix of music it would contain a few parts funky pretzels, some jam-bandy salted bread bits, and of course everyone’s favorite, the rye chip particles of psychedelia.”

“The sounds on Color.A.D.O. would fit better at Bonnaroo or Hangout Fest, and suit Miscomunicado perfectly to open for any and every hippie icon travelling through their state. They’ve got something to offer everybody, though, with instrumental jams, sing-along choruses, and an absolutely undeniable sense of good times and good humor that makes song titles like “PIZZA Party” and “Soccer Tease” seem inspired and appropriate. Fitting with in with the positive vibes, all of their music is available for free download on both Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Album closer “Never Ever Say Never Ever” sums up their outlook nicely: “I love my life and I live my dreams”.”

“MISCOMUNICADO brings dance, psychedelic, rock, and sweet guitar licks together to melt faces. Mine was liquidated, for sure. I remember looking over to the guy next to me and saying, “This right here is baby making music!” He said, “What?” I just smiled and nodded and he did the same, both of us dancing like headless chickens.”

“Miscomunicado is a fierce and ferociously funky rock ensemble. Most tracks are vocally emaciated but who needs them with throbbing bass and guitar. Production is solid. Very interested in the next chess move this band makes in terms of sound and overall direction - 360 Watch List.”