Mbayeramadiagne . / Press

“traditional African drum and dance workshops each student will participate in community African drum and dance originating from west Africa and other parts of the continent. instruction provided on techniques as well as the philosophy inherit within the dance. instruction will be provided on methodology, rhythm, melody, and syncopation.”

“drums are truth. always listen to the drums.drums dont lie”

“I wanna thank you all my friends students family who did play an instrument in my album the tree of life jamajama some did say to me we thank you for sharing the afrikan beat we learned from you and responded thank God the almighty the one who make things beautiful without God we will be not here today to learn or write music I am humble to all ya by sharing knowledge in afrikans beats and lirycs i happy for all ya . GOD BLESS YOU ALL friends families fans everyone deep in my heart. Fallow your Heart where ever ya going to be GOD LOVE YOU PEACE<3”

“knowledge is power people.lets take it one day at a time education is important for everyone . please no child left behind . help the poor. people are the power no disrespect to anyone only love will conquer”

“love is the key to long life”