"Crossing Over By The 31st" reminds me of a great vibe between John Lennon & Harry Nilsson. Nicely done MaryAnn! Keep making those great songs.

“Sven Melo "picture perfect" has a strong post-hippie vibe in the voice that i really love. feel reminded of melanie and david bowie's early years. great and nice!”

“Back for another round of MARYANN ! A wistful, dreamy, blissful, etheric sound — Excellent songwriting, thoughtful lyrics! For me, I hear stylistic elements of Pink Floyd, Traffic, Dylan, & Phil Spector. A richly textured, thoroughly original & pleasing sound. Saxophone put to very good use. Cheers !”

“Every time I come back to listen, I have to make sure I hear Crossing Over By The 31st. Your music is great... all of it. I can't help but be particularly enchanted by this one. It is glorious.”

“Your new song Picture Perfect is Brilliant! Vocals Guitar Outstanding Peace Barry”

“Crossing Over by The 31st, Great song MaryAnn - you're a lovely singer !! I watched the video and it's brilliant - Great effects and production, very impressive !! All the best from England. Love from Rob”

“MARK THAYER Good morning artist extraordinaire.”

“'Wicked Games' - wonderful sustained notes and beautiful full harmonies panned both sides - fantastic MaryAnn! X :)”

"Your voice is stunning"!! Great songwriting too!!!!

“Thank you MaryAnn for starting my morning off with your music."Rosebud" is 5 stars all the way. Your cover of "The House of the Rising Sun" , so well done, and one of the best versions I've ever heard. Really love your tracks...VOCALS, love em..lyrics and beautiful guitar~! ***** Christine ~”

“Strong and beautiful "Picture Perfect" - I'd be happy with this as a final mix.”

“Hello Maryann! Wicked Games > Simply Awesome!! ~~~Great!!~~Mary<3”

“Good day to you, shining star! ain't no sunshine, like yours. A treasure far beyond reverb. All my best, Phoenix”

“Seriously, it doesn't matter which song you're gonna sing, I just love and am in love with your voice, Maryann:::::)))))))”

"picture perfect" is a hit girl!!! a really nice song... and oh so sexy... omg.... and talk about an emotional performance... like a female Dylan meets Marianne Faithful. Eddie who?????? you made me love a rainy night, girl.. your huge fan, humble student, da boi d .. signed... ya backup...

“Your poetic understandings, sympathies and ears of learnered tastes thank and salute you girl..keep creating and loving the beautiful mysteries of special music of any genre. Hate 'genres'. There's only 2 types of music. Inspired, thoughtful, little artful & smart.....and the rest that lack any of the above. Pious, maybe..but that's exactly how I see it. Rock on you..all the very best.”

“Great rendition of Wicked Games. Love that song! Sure wish Chris would go back to singing instead of trying to act!”

"If I had a nickel" is a phenomenal song. Don't know how I missed hearing it before. Beautifully different than one would expect it to be vocally.

“Wow Maryann, you've got the gift. Love the ethereal sound of "Crossing over by the 31st"...wonderful!”

“Hi MARYANN. Many thanks for the friendship and the wonderful comments you posted. Working our way through your superb playlist and finding there's many a gem to be found here, absolutely stunning vocals, you possess a rare and beautiful gift. Don't know if Rosebud is self penned or a cover but it is simply outstanding Spine tingling in fact ! Once again many thanks for dropping by . Best wishes AGATU”


“Hello MaryAnn! Great stuff here! I love the song "Rose Bud". It has a defiant feel and a tinge of Spanish flavor. I dig it! ~O.F.”

“Really enjoyed your song list :) Excellent writing coupled with unapologetic lyrical prowess and a sultry voice to boot! Thank you for sharing! 3b”

"Hips Lips" sounds like it has a female Elvis singing

“Cool swagger to Memphis Tennessee MA & cool change into The Letter!!! And great version of It's a Heartache, you've made it your own. :):)”

“Fantastic cover of Fire. You added a great unique and personal touch to it. Cheers!”

“Sooo LONG since I last heard Skeeter Davis's "end of the world." Thanks for the memory.”

“Called by to join in the Pow Wow...Indian Reservation is a superb cover, a thoughtful tribute to a proud incredible people.. your whole marvelous page dear Maryann is scenic journey of picture book songs and vocals, Peace and World Love, Johnny”

"if i had a nickel" has a spanky meets sprinsteen feel... good one, gir... ya boi

“Wow, really unique sound you got there...almost like Joplin meets Etheridge. Nice work!”

“ENCORE !!!! ENCORE !!!!!! fabulous new songs. FABULOUS !!! pure Magic....you certainly Maryann get a great result from just a few hours in the studio.. FIRE ... has brilliant high octane vocals accompanied by Tim's fine detailed luxurious guitar sound, a smoldering rendition.. Needles and Pins...a great original Maryann version, you accentuate the words with your own tactile fabulously unique style.. Abracadabra....is spell binding,..I love when you hit all those magical notes..great song, vocals, and fabulous guitar... you give Abracadabra your own magical touch, you must be a member of the Magic Circle.. Soldier Boy...is a wonderful ballad love song that would make the serving recipient go immediately AWOL to get home to his loved one. Anyone can hear Maryann that you are enjoying recording your super fabulous new songs and you are certainly enjoying being able to test new songs out on a live audience on open mike night. Mixing cover songs and your originals is a great idea. x”

“WOW! Just BRILLIANT! You are so precious and wonderful, and it was quite an experience to listen to you, a pleasant surprise, and it made a deep impression on me. I'm going into raptures over your great musicality and your unspoiled vocal chord. I'm spellbound, you are a delight to the ear, and Im honored to be your fan. You are a super talented singer/songwriter, a great artist and lady of genius. Great tracks, great tunes and a really great, strong, pure, beautiful and totally impressive vocal. All the best wishes and good luck from a Danish fan and musician, Keld”

“You are a very good writer and a joy to listen to. As you know this is a very hard business to make it in and it is filled with very talented people that never leave their living room or their own town. You have it and I hope you get everything that comes from being willing to take the risk of putting your soul out for the public to look and listen to. Do not let anything stop you believe that you will make it because I think you will. Frank Whitenack of Blues Lightning”

“Maryann-Mania, M&M, Marvellously Maryann, when a singer bares their soul with so little instrumental accompaniment,well incredible talent sings the song so outstandingly repeatingly...dear Maryann, Peace and World Love, Johnny ♥”

“Love the vibe here. This is reminiscent of Johnette Napolitano with a Wanda Jackson twist. Such a brilliant genre mix and sultry sound. Very compelling. Thanks for all the listens:-) Peace -Ghezzi ”

“Feelin your soulful sounds in my bones. "BackUp Man" has a Springsteen/Spector wall of sound feel, MaryAnn. Great job!”

“I like the earthy vocal, especially on "Nowhere To Turn". And nice band, with its hot sax & kind of Roy Orbison-type sound. ”

“ღ hi hiii MaryAnn, so good to connect with you here on RN n ur jukebox ♪♫ you have some awesome tracks goin on here!! at the mo i have got me headphones on listening to ur awesome song ‘Rosebud’♪(^_^)♪ love the beat n pace, amazin bass line really compliments the brilliant guitar arrangement. cymbal crashes bring excellent dynamics. the flute playing is remarkable. i am a big fan of ‘Marianne Faithfull’ n with my eyes closed i truly would believe i am listening to her, remarkable voice you have MaryAnn ❤✿ܓ lyrical content is amazing n you are singing with such passion ur lyrical content is giving out the positive message for all men to treat women like the rosebuds we truly are n if they do not the thorn of the rose will cause emotional warnings to move along n they have probably lost somebody very special but learn a very profound lesson!! excellent on all levels, love this one n added to my favs!! ╗╔musical hugs ╠╣╗╔╔╗╔╗(¯`❀´¯”

“ MaryAnn has a prescription for knocking out a man (in a good way): Hips, Lips and Eyes. Of course, it doesn't hurt your chances if you can rely on your guitar and a lush, rich voice. A whole playlist of hits, and that signature ...=_=... of hers kills. ”

“MaryAnn is a soothsayer with a guitar, infusing every song with heart and soul. No one will win in "The Fight," a call for compromise and reason...an emotional cease-fire. ”

“Rosebud lyrics are beautiful and true. Nothing calculated, nothing fancy just as it is from your heart to ours. Special”

“ ♦☼ Hi Sweet Mary Ann, ‘Rosebud’ is an inevitable companion with deadly charm can’t help but love her so ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ Awesome work Sincerely wish you and your music the success it truly deserves ♦☼ Hugs and Peace your Musical Friend Bernie ♦☼ ”

“MaryAnn's mature songwriting and singing brings an immediacy and intimacy to her musical storytelling. The horns add just the right complimentary touch to these fine arrangements. It's easy to see how MaryAnn's music would have broad, lasting appeal.”

“One of the best things about RN is MaryAnn! She's a great singer and wordsmith... ;)”


“Maryann has one of the best voices on RN! The songs are classics and I will return again!!! ;)”

“MARYANN - "Hips Lips & Eyes" wow this hit me from the intro, fantasic way to start a song, when the vocals are this good, and what a track, totally unique not what you would normally hear on the radio, but you should. I love the originality of the track, that at the same time takes me back to some of the greatest female artist in the late 60's. "Rosebud is another strong song with a brilliant vocal. You have a special singer here she has her own voice which is so refreshing. Excellent XXXX Stars iplacemusic.com - CEO”

“Lovin' what you're doin'! Music and vocals are all first class! So glad we came across your music! Much success to you! ”

“Wow! MaryAnn, you're voice is so original. Puts me in a better place. Thanks for the friendship and am pleased to meet you.”

Shane Thornton - Face Book

“Hey MaryAnn, I finally got a chance to dig your Internet Radio interview. What a beautiful story. Keep in touch, please ANDY ”

“hi maryann, "backup man", is a great track, great lyric, melody, arrangement, and you have such a wonderful deep and hypnotic voice.. excellent work..x girlierox ”

“May God continue to grant you continued success in all aspect of your life and all your upcoming projects be successful. Luv Danny Mac ”

“Very nice interview last night!.....Heard the whole show as you and Dawn were doing it...Especially liked the part of how we first met in person at The Hardwick House :-)!! LO-S! Just got off a plane and unpacking,..have to repack to fly again tomorrow morning...Be well, you radio star, you! jaysie”

“wow! such a deep voice for such a wee spit of a gal. You remind me so much of Melissa Etheridge. Keep on singin' Sistah! ”

“MaryAnn, you were wonderful on the show, really adorable! Your music was superb, with your sultry vocals, your magnificent heart which shines through in what a beautiful person you are. So great talking to you, a joy, a pleasure to feature you! All the best to you and your wonderful music. ”

“MaryAnn, Listened to your radio interview today. You did good! A very imformative interview. Relaxed, confident and could feel the excitement in your voice. Enjoying your cd! ”

“Stopping by to say Hi Maryann. Enjoyed listening to your interview. Was hoping you would sing "Blue Berry Hill" :) Have a rockin Day!!! John Silvestri ALLRS Music www.allrsmusic.com/ Voting Member of The Grammy Awards Voting Member of The CMA Awards”

“I luv the radio interview...whats next...the View maybe?...Much luv to you...”

“Hey Maryann!....I'm on "tour" -(actually "reuniting" with my old group "SHA-NA-NA") and as I'm getting ready I'm listening to you -- "Backup Man" sounds better each time it plays! We'll be rockin' for 'ya tonight! ”

“The Tokens, have heard your tracks and we all agree that they are AWESOME!.... ...The next time we do a show and singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", we'll be singing a few "wim-o-wehs" for you!.......Keep on rockin' girl! ”

"If I Had A Nickle" gets a thumbs up. Good writing and sincere vocals.

"NOTHING MORE"..I LOVE IT!!!....I will have to buy it!!

“Listened to "Nothing More", good lyrics and as always you sound great. It takes time to complete an album but you did it, Congrats!!! ”

"Nothing More" is fantastic, It says it all!

stephanie Roundtree - Stephanie Roundtree

“Thank you for sharing your beauty and wonder of your music ... ”

“Want to be the first to congratulate you publicly on the "official" release of "A Rose,...Is A Rose,...Is A Rose" Take a bow, MARYANN - you've earned it! Take a bow!”

“great music orignal style, sweet songs!! love the music here my friend”


“You're sweet,honest,truthful, dedicated,respecting,loving,caring. Your music speaks volumes and carried me through many days, your words, heartfelt. You write passionately with every emotion. YOU ARE YOUR MUSIC, IT'S AMAZING. Your vocals, incredible and ease the soul..WOW!”

“A Rose is a Rose and M-A-M-S is a stunning gorgeous rose!!! May your musical adventures bring you and your listeners happiness the way only music can do!!! Congrats babe.. you RRRROOOCCKKKKK!!!!”

“Love it. Completely changes the lives and gives reason to exist. Is wisdom where there was ignorance, and compassion where there was only emptiness. That is the reason for everything, and it is the common denominator between both sides of the veil, kisses”

“Wahoo! Just recieved your cd in the post. Great!”

“Listened to your cd on my trip to Lexington, KY Listened to your entire cd again returning from Lexington. Appreciate the cd and your talent, thank you for sharing. I'll keep "A Rose...Is A Rose...Is A Rose" in my active music collection and continue to share it with my friends. ”


“Thank you for just being you. You are a good hearted soul and a awesome artist. I'm putting you on my front page and in my heart & mind.”

“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. Thanks for bringing life to the silence with your awesome music, MaryAnn. All the best and much continued success. Much Love”

DD - Destination Dawn

“Wow, what a great song . I love it. all your music is beautifully written. And a great sound...thanks for being a friend and shareing your music....... you rock....”

“I love the music. I love the profile. Let's get your music to the rest of the world. ”

“I love "Rosebud", Outstanding work, Take a bow my friend.”

Rob Atkinson - myspace friend