Lurid Reign / Press

“I appreciate the guitar parts mostly.I don't know exactly kind of guitar Hordr uses,but I have to say that the sound is very good.Listening to Lurid Reign is certainly a unique experience that is hard to find these days.Musically,Lurid Reign is some special kind of corrosive black metal,it's some kind of fucking terrific aural maelstrom,a mixing between archaic traditional orthodox black metal.I can Lurid Reign aspiration is to create something ''Magick''.So,this album brings not only the nostalgic 90's black metal era,but it also constitutes a decadent journey through the coldness and blizzard. Although there’s plenty of variety, the aggressive and more subtle passages join together seamlessly, resulting in a beautifully-flowing album sealed as a result black metal of high quality. PentacleMeter - 666 pentacles”

“Black metal, true and uncomprimising. That is what Lurid Reigns' sole member Hodr Vanorden displays on this ferocious 3 song EP. No frills here. Vanorden show equal parts aggression and emotion on these tracks. The buzzsaw guitars, thunder bass and suicidal vocals give a definite nod to the old school of 90's Scandanaivian metal. All three tracks are stellar cuts of black metal excellence but in my opinion "Father(less)" is the stand out track. Horns up to Lurid Reign for keeping black metal where it belongs... In the underground.”

““An Ode to the Night, and Cold” is the debut EP from this project and offers what many people want these days, straight up furious and traditional black metal done in the old school way! Opening track “An Ode to the Night, and Cold…” is a savage, no thrills black metal juggernaut of fast riffs, blast beats and suitably grim, scorching vocals. Produced in demo like sound, this one man bout of aggression and blistering anger is a cold, bleak reminder of an era past yet with a more despairing, depressive lyrical content. Rather than treading the path so frequently used, that being the anti-Christianity angle, Lurid Reign keeps things personal and mournful! Its a fairly one dimensional sort of a demo, all riff based onslaught and desperate vocals, yet through the poor production comes a passionate blast of Canadian black metal that you should experience. [6/10]”

“Sounds like Burzum and Sargeist had a demon offspring and called it...LURID REIGN \,,/”

Brad Killingsworth - FORMULUS

“You won't be disappointed.Old school at the best.Excellent Vocal,aggressive cold riffs,and the winter comes.it's time to say HORNS UP,TRUE NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL FROM CANADA. My evaluation 10/10”