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“Love Darling is our band of the day with “Let Go” Check out @Love_Darling and wtyt960.com”

"Love Darling took the popular vote in the indie/alt/rock “Best Album” category last Tuesday with their album “The Occupant Theory” which was successfully funded by a KICKSTARTER campaign in late 2011. The track “Let Go” won “Best Song” in the Alt/Rock category at the OUT Music AWARDS right after Love Darling toured the US in late 2012! Yes, I saw them LIVE twice during the tour :D Am I bragging too much? Too bad, I love their music and they never brag so I take it upon myself to do it for them."

“If you're snooty alternative types like us (well, we're not that snooty really) then a good song winning an award is a rarity on a par with pigs flying and finding genuine rocking horse shit. However, Los Angeles band Love Darling won an award for this song. Is 'Let Go' a worthy winner? We'd say so....It's a moreish little tune too, there's a definite urge to skip back to the start when the song reaches its end. We're looking at reasonably traditional indie/guitar-pop with nicely double-tracked female vocals and a strong enough melody to appeal to fans of other music too, but without sacrificing any of it's alternative nature for a more mainstream sound. They can add a Sound Of Confusion "thumbs up" to their trophy cabinet.”

"Every once in awhile there comes a band with a great “frontwoman”; a woman who brings a unique personality and energy to her band that just can’t be duplicated by a man. Women like Debbie Harry of Blondie, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs are all big time rockstars who steal the show from the male counterparts in their bands. Love Darling’s lead singer and guitarist is Shay Magro. The band covers a wide array of genres including everything from electro-pop to hard rock. “Last Chance” is a great introduction to the band’s sound....Whether the band is rocking out hard or playing soft and reserved, the focus of their songs is always on Magro’s vocals. She has the range, energy and talent to be able to shine in a number of different genres and styles, which is what makes Love Darling such an exciting band to listen to."

““Like bathing in the tears of joy from an indie-rock unicorn…” That’s how the members of Love Darling (Shay Magro, Mike Wolpe, and Christian Trujillo) describe their band. Add to that a lesbian frontwoman who watches The Real L Word live in person and a sound that draws influences from everything from Tegan & Sara to PJ Harvey to Smashing Pumpkins to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and you, like us, will want to learn more…”

“Last Wednesday Los Angeles’ up and coming indie-rock group, Love Darling came to BANGSTYLE’s headquarters in downtown Los Angeles and greeted our staff with big smiles and a laid back attitude. We had a nice chat with them about the past, present, and future of their musical explorations.”

“Whether jamming out melodic rock songs, mad scientist synth sounds, or performing intimate acoustic shows, Love Darling’s rock-n-roll chemistry comes through loud and clear.”

“Their album reminds me a lot of Lillix, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tegan and Sara, Lilly Allen, and KT Tunstall. All these artists that focus in on their instrumental talent as much as their vocals without adhering to the typical “pop” sound. I like when bands are able to combine well-written lyrics with a signature sound.”

“Featured cover song by Love Darling - Closer by Kings of Leon”

“Cadence, a track from Love Darlings newest album, Sunshine Dust, is on our featured playlist”

“I took up the band’s offer to download their new EP, Sunshine Dust. And I’m so glad that I did because it turns out that Love Darling is a band who knows how to write a good hook. I love Love Darling. I have no idea how popular Love Darling are in their hometown of Hollywood. Maybe they’re huge, I don't know. If they’re not, I feel like it’s a matter of time. The EP’s opening tracks seem to favor pulsating synths and hooks that, when coupled with front woman Shay’s smokey tone, draw easy comparisons to Metric and at times Uh Huh Her. It’s a sound that works, however their more unique-sounding tracks like “Dust In My Pocket” are the ones that make me look forward to what they’ll release next.”

“Artist Spotlight: Love Darling...Featured track "This Time" from newest album, Sunshine Dust.”

“Ok download this album now. Seriously. The whole thing... When you hear the new EP Sunshine Dust they are clearly vibing. It’s dynamite. There is an edge but there is a soft side as well.... Not to be totally over the top but, it is awesome to hear Shay rock it, and own it. And I mean really rock it.”

“Closer by Love Darling (originally by Kings Of Leon). A lovely cover, very different from the original, one of the nicest covers I've heard for a while.”

“Featured Love Darling's cover of "Closer" by Kings of Leon...”

“Rockband ‘Love Darling’ broke onto the National music scene with their song, “Hazy” when it appeared as the theme song to reality show, “The Real L Word.” As a recapper of the Real L Word (and unintentional expert in all things Power of the Clam-my) the first thing I noticed about the show was the theme song. It was smoother than it’s predecessor’s, “The L Word” choppy, cheesy theme song. It was sexy and upbeat in a casual way. Which is the same way the lead singer of ‘Love Darling’ can be characterized.”

“They can be edgy, hard driving, fun and bluesy all at the same time and their latest album Sunshine Dust is one of those albums that you can sit down and listen to it all the way through. However some of my favorites on this album are Cadence and Dust In My Pocket. Love Darling rocks!”

“Shay Magro, Mike Wolpe, and Christian Jovanny Trujillo are the magic behind indie rock band Love Darling. Sultry vocals and driving guitars draw immediate comparisons to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but I promise this band has more to offer. Choice cut off the album goes to the spacier "Close To Me" with its steady drum- machine-like beat, keyboard work, and reverb-laiden vocals but the guitar squealing on "Step Outside" earned it a close second.”

“What was the best thing about Showtime series The Real L Word? Not the sex, not the drama, but the music. If you watched the show, I'm sure you noticed the quality of the theme tune and songs dispersed throughout the 9 weeks. The band responsible is Love Darling, an indie-rock trio based out of Hollywood, who are about to tour the US and have released a new EP full of gems called Sunshine Dust.”

Asha - My Big Mouth

“Sunshine Dust is hot. Love Darling is giving the music world a piping hot injection of awesome. They are hard enough to be rock and soft enough to appeal to the mainstream. Shay Magro has a sultry voice with an edge. She sounds a little like Kiyomi from Hunter Valentine, but smoother and softer. If you love Hunter Valentine, you can’t miss Love Darling.”

“A soft acoustic blend of pop and power, This Time by Love Darling is a smooth enjoyable song that is hard to compare. It is definitely worth downloading and enjoying. I particularly like lead singer Shay Magro’s vocals on this track. They are very sultry and inviting.”

“Check out the Love Darling track "Hazy" as the theme song for the new Showtime series "The Real L Word"!”

Showtime Network

“Catch appearances and new music from Love Darling on Showtime's new series, The Real L Word, premiering June 20th 2010.”

"You can't go wrong with anything love Darling...very amazing, cool, badass album!"

“Love Darling's first full-length album, "The Occupant Theory" nominated for Best Indie/Alt-Rock Album, 12th Independent Music Awards (IMA) Band of Skulls, Ben Kweller, Bright Eyes, Omar Sosa, Little Freddie King, Langhorne Slim & The Law, Killer Mike, Paper Lions, Sarah Cheng-De Winne and Willie Nile Among Nominees of The 12th Independent Music Awards More Than 300 Self-Released & Independent Label Artists From Around The World Honored In 12th Annual IMAs March 19, 2013 – Music Resource Group (MRG) today announced the Nominees of The 12th Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential awards program for independent artists and fans. The nominations in more than 80 Album, Song, Music Video and Design categories were culled from thousands of submissions from North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Greenland and Europe. ”