“The new album is KILLER! 10 tracks of solid Rock gems! LOST GENERATION delivers songs from Bitches to Managers to Jail!!! If that ain't Rock, then I don't know what is!!!”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“’High-speed riffs and head-banging thrills erupt from Lost Generation’s electric performance to warp the listener’s perception of reality into a spiraling frenzy of madness.’”

“Nashville, Tennessee is a Mecca for musicians and bands trying to make their mark upon the music industry. While many people associate Nashville with its booming country music scene, this city has much more to offer than just that one genre. The Nashville rock scene is just as vibrant, with new bands constantly popping up. One band in particular has been part of the city's flourishing music scene for almost two decades. Lost Generation...”

“All today’s technology and such gave us the impression that this sound had already disappeared from the music industry forever, but Lost Generation is bringing it back again. In their record, No Mercy, the sound of distorted guitars and the overall production give you the impression that you are listening to a record from the 70s or 80s. A perfect example is “Her Hair Was Still Alive,” with heavy guitar riffs and scratch combining with some quite simple drum beats and vocals. It’s as if Axl Rose met Jack White...”

RJ Frometa - VENTS Magazine

“Played all of Lost Generation this fine Saturday morning.One of the best groups on RN for sure........Charles.”

The Fabulous Del Counts - ReverbNation

“This band is super amazing with that authentic Classic rock sound that brings back memories of a Lost Generation. Especially fitting for TGIF!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - ReverbNation

“To Someone Who Knows HARD ROCK, these guys GOT IT!!! CRANK IT UPPPPP!!!!”

Joey Pliskin - ReverbNation

“From "The Only Way" to "Klaus" its straight up balls-to-the-wall heavy good Rock!!!! \m/”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation

“Jump startin' my Monday with some Mega Metal!!!...LOST GENERATION's playlist is bad ass BUT you should hear these guys LIVE! DAMN good!!!”

Sur Rod - ReverbNation

“Lost Generation would have been a hot commodity in the 80s, and they're hot today. Great sound influenced by some of the masters of metal and party-style hard rock. Ranko adds a European touch to an AC/DC-type vocal style. Very cool. The music thumps, bounces and grinds away.”

Howard Lawrence - ReverbNation

“Normally this wouldn't be my choice of music, but the track called "IF" is one of the coolest tracks Ive heard in a long time, its pace, the guitar, the soulful accent on the vocals is amazing. I would love to get hold of the instrumental or better still the individual layers for this track. My 3 main songs were inspired & Improvised over the backings I used & Ide love to do a song to this, but my voice is very low at times & Ide need layers to be able to level it all, either way.. that tracks EPIC :D”

TheWraith517 - ReverbNation

“I always come here thinking I'll listen to some great rock and leave..but I always end up staying for every note of every song :-). You are the best and my pick of the day is the dark and beautiful, 'My Love'.”

Delaney Simpson - ReverbNation

"My Love" haunts me throughout the night, when I hear this gorgeous piece of yours. Just another proof of your ultra mystical talent!

Karina - ReverbNation

"NO MERCY * for in the Metal/Rock Kingdom there can only be one ruler & his name is RANKO!!!" - Ecologyngle, ReverbNation (Oct 10, 2011)

Ecologyngle - ReverbNation

“With Lost Generation, we don't know if Fitzgerald or Hemingway will be in attendance, but there will definitely be some no-b.s., hair-slinging rock 'n' roll. With a Yugoslavian frontman sounding like a mix between Judas Priest's Rob Halford and pre-MTV Ozzy, they're a little weird but definitely rockin'. ”

The Rage

“Lost Generation are an unstoppable live act, due in large part to Yugoslavian vocalist R. Curic's refusal to tone down the dramatic intensity of stage moves he perfected in arenas across Eastern Europe. The ankle deep introspection revealed in crowd sing-alongs like "We Are Fucked Up" guarantees a good time.”

“Lost Generation. Nothing says “romance” like a splitting earful of Sabbath-style thud metal pounded home by a Yugoslavian frontman. So use this occasion to congratulate Springwater booker Kara Nicks and her new husband Phillip Lambert on their recent exchange of Celtic wedding bands. Throw bouquets to openers Ruse and Apathy Orange at 9:30 p.m.”