Los Swamp Monsters / Press

“A sock-hop band on speed.”

Someone at an art gallery.

"Dude sounds like Lowell George on Acid!"

Tony Piazza of Sister Ex

“Some really wild raunchy rockabiily, roots R&R and blues from Los Swamp Monsters at Dicks Halfway Inn Friday, sometimes mixing two genders together as they did when the performed a nice rockabilly version of Big Boss Man! I had a good time hearing this band for the first time and liked that they played quite a few songs no one else plays like Sir Douglas Quintet's She's About a Mover and many others I wasn't familiar with but all of it really made your your body move!”

“One second of your attention and audiences quickly realize there is something special about the 50’s-60’s genre based live band that sweetly blends "Rock, Country, R&B, Rockabilly and Classic Rock to formulate something along the lines of a Rock-Country-Elvis hybrid that is absolutely and brilliantly entertaining."”