Lord Ellis / Press

"You may have heard the rumblings in the local rock world about a band taking the monster rhythm section of The Hitch, drummer Steve “Thee Alchemist” Bohner and bassist Roshawn Beere, adding killer guitarist Pablo Midence from Dragged by Horses and a keyboard player, Andy Sorter. Briefly known as Yeti Fight and/or El Yeti, the band is now called Lord Ellis (a much better name). Imagine losing your breaks at the top of a mountain pass and rolling downhill with only the grinding metal of your gears for control — that’s what Lord Ellis feels like. The band has been woodshedding for a long time without many club gigs, but now the heavy hitters are emerging from their practice space to play a Friday the 13th show at the Lil’ Red Lion, sharing the bill with Vastum, a brutal metal band from Oakland"

Bob Doran - North Coast Journal

"With spacious vocals, super-heavy drums, and epic keyboard lines, it evokes Wolfmother, if Wolfmother was a bearded parolee debating whether or not to knock over that bank for kicks."

www. KSLG.com

"Could go the easy route and call it some kind of stoner/doom/sludge conglomeration, but that’s too easy. With the keyboards and that heavy as fuck sound, you might call them a modern day Deep Purple. Deep is a good one word description. Metal in the most general sense, but not the sparkly shiny variety. With the drummer and the bass player of the Hitch, any reference to that band would be warranted, especially the bottom end. Regardless of how you hear them, you know that this isn’t some bullshit pretend band, this is the real deal and represents Humboldt County, Kali at it’s finest."