Lola King & the Kickstarts / Press

“Frontwoman Lola King is capitvating and steals the attention of everyone in the room”

“Bang! is an apt title for this EP, there is an incendiary aspect to Lola King & the Kickstarts music; this is a fun-filled, eclectic ten-minute romp through different genres all of which are done justice”

“It's all good, dance-inducing fun with a nice sunny feel”

“They appear to have extracted the best from Hip Hop, given it a musical kiss of life and ripped up that tired old template of yore for something much more dynamic and exciting.”

“Lola King & the Kickstarts have the ability to edge their way into the public eyes and ears - if Mike Skinner can do it I don't see why the excellent Kickstartsi should miss out - they're every bit as good and possibly even more cool”

“They are downright lovable even to the sceptics as singer Lola raps and sings her way through three energetic, foot tapping,get-up-and-dance tunes.”

“Lola King & the Kickstarts are “banging” and this girl's got the attitude and the rhymes to enable them to make a huge impact.”