Lojo Russo / Press

“Perhaps it's cliche to compare any midwestern female singer/songwriter with a warm raspy voice to Melissa Etheridge, even when there's obvious appropriate overlap. Such is the case with Iowa's Lojo Russo. It's certainly so for "The Secret," a funky, bluesy, wah-wah fueled number that most overtly recalls Etheridge, as well as more gritty women shouters like Susan Tedeschi. Even when Russo lightens the sound by setting the songs on acoustic foundations, her voice generates sparks of a familiar but still quite welcome origin.”

Nightlife / Carbondale Rocks

“Finalist Lilith Fair 2011 Minneapolis”

Ourstage - Litlith Fair Competition

“Lojo Russo performs with the energy and rocking empowerment of Ani DiFranco and the graceful folksiness of the Indigo Girls. ”

“[Lojo's] Like the blond Janis Ian!”

Kari Estrin - Estrin Artist Management

“2008 Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Finalist”

“[P]owerful playing…soaring vocals...”

Dirty Linen

“Russo blends alternative, jazz, folk and Celtic styles into a lush pattern of sound.”

St. Paul Pioneer Press

“An accomplished and developed performer ”