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"Fana" beautiful vocals Ling Ling. Wonderful music here!

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“It's been a while since I last hear my favorite amomg you Songs ! How are you , Ling- Ling? I hope you're fine ! Happy Weekend !”

"Tenaga Cinta" is such a wonderful showcase of your enormous talent! Your voice is pure heaven and the melody infectious..the guitar makes the song dynamic..I hear no language barrier listening to your music..just pure bliss! Well Done xoxo

"Terasa Sempurna" awesome vocals and uplifting music! Cheers from so. fla * Patricia

“Halo LING-LING ALFARI, terima kashih I like your song Rantain Retih, do you play the piano? Beuatiful emotional song.”

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"Rantaian Letih" has a beautiful sound!

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“Glad i stopped by your page, i'm really impressed with your sound. I was really feelin your track "FANA" Keep up the good work.”

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“Terasa Sempurna is a happy beam of sunlight in our cold, uk. love the clean production. glad to be here. good luck . pearski xx”

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“Excellent songs in your site, Many congratulations from Peru”


“Hello Ling Ling... Very nicely done! Wonderful vocals, pacing and instruments!”

“I like your cool tracks~ I wish I can press (like) every time I visit~ Peace to you Ling~”

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“Fun, upbeat and interesting. I especially like Terasa Sempurna.”

“curious and beauty music! so relaxing and inspirational”

“** Hoping to gain artists like these as fans of mine:)”

“Your song brought me to a smile then a laugh! You are a very special incredibly talented woman an d the first that I could ever compare to the beatles! Love it!”

“You have a great voice and very cool compositions.”

“Lovely heartfelt vocals here. I can understand them without knowing the words!”

“When a pretty voice is surrounded by beautiful compositions, the language barrier is a detail. Fantastic work.”

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“So many great songwriters right here on Reverbnation and you're one of them...Cheers JJF”

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“Fantastic, beautiful music. Love it !”

“Enjoyed Every Song .. There's a Magical Feeling To All Of Them ! JT”

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“I love "Yang Tersentuh", great song”

“Ling-Ling, "Yang Tersentuh" is a Rocking high energy song!!!”

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“Very, very well written songs - difficult to sing and yet Ling Ling has no trouble - very nice voice and music - the language of music is well spoken here ”

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“Enjoyed listening to you. "Tenaga Cinta" sounds really cool..”

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“Way smooth vocals! I can feel your emotions in every word!”

“a salaam alaikum ...beautiful sounds sister ...may allah continue to bless u”

“Tenaga Cinta is very sweet and catchy.. very good! ♥”

“I said it before and I'll say it again, you are brave.”

“Hi Ling Ling,my friend,listening to Fana, continue to churn out some wonderful tracks as always. Inshallah!!”

“Very beautiful work, Ling-Ling. Very soothing”

“Dear Ling -Ling You are doing great with your Music ! very sweet and delicate voice you must be one of the stronger artists that create your own arts over there keep it up with your strong passion and reach more music mates best wishes Sil ”

“Listening to all your songs and I'm very impressed. Like your music.”

“Quite impressive. I assume Danni does the production, amazing nod to Beatles harmony in Rantaian Letih. Good Luck to you both, I hope the future is bright. Beautiful voices deserve to be heard.”

“Ling Ling, your work is inspiring and wonderful presented. Love what you are doing here. Beautiful voice. ”

“Stunning, absolutely stunning!!!”

“Enjoying your superb music!”

“I love your music, I find myself coming back here often late at night to jam to your music. Thank you, you're beautiful !!!”

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"yang tersentuh" very cool song

“Rantaian Letih is a very nice and interesting song...”

“Hey you are doing a great job. I love all your songs. They really fit your voice. Keep rocking.<3 KA”

“u have such a beautiful voice really touches the soul keep up the good work”

“dooh keren banget lagu2nya nona... awesome bgt lah <3”

“Sweet sounds! Happy, catchy and positive - a breath of fresh air. All the best to you :)”

“a voice full emotion even if I don't understand the lyrics”

“you have a great voice! awesome music and page ”

“I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/vuYmtXfNtJw?a LING-LING ALFARI - Yang Tersentuh (lyric + simple clip image)”

“I'm trying to find the best words to describe your music, it was freaking great and far from boring ”

“Great and innovative indie material from Jakarta!!!”

“beautiful voice and music! blessing to you and all the best!”

“Bold blend of East/West. Really original, well done.”

“Wonderful Ling-Ling!! Thankyou for making me smile... *shine* :o)”

“Love Tenaga Cinta and your sensual voice on Rantaian. My respect and support from Bilbao. Have a great day.”

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“Absolutely beautiful. Rich, lush arrangements and a captivating voice.”

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The Upside of Maybe

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Nevada Breeze, Queen of Hooks

“Ling-Ling has very quirky, distinctive original sound & voice! Although I don't understand the language theres a real sense of optimism, perkiness & a really uplifting summery sound to Ur songs; they also say gr8 music transcends language! I also like how you combine Ur Eastern vocal style with more western Indie Pop/Rock influences! I espesh enjoyed "Tenaga Cinta," "Yang Tersetuh" & Terasa Sempurna!"”

Jamie Connolly

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