Lindbergh D.U.B / Press

“Music real nice, had to listen to more than just one” ”

J Chacon

““Your music is different, though. You mean what you say and there is pure emotion in it, I believe you and others like you are keeping the real soul and expression of hip hop alive with your creative approach to a dimming industry. Your lyrics truly speak to me and mean something, and that is much more refreshing than hearing about "da club" all the time.” ”

Reverb Nation - High Five Or Die

“Good looks bro!”


“MY bro dub, Its Yung DAE stoppin thru showin you much love from myself and the M2/ Trio Fam. Lets take over this reverb bro 414 LUV all Dae!!”

M2/Trio Fam, - Yung Dea

“I just read your Biography and I can honestly say Im proud to have you as my little brother. Don't ever let up and keep pushing forward because you have the potential to be something special.”