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"...with his touching and heartfelt singing and songwriting, Les Heathcock is leading the charge on ReverbNation.com in the battle to bring dynamic, expertly-produced songs to a musically-starved audience desperate for original and exciting new music." -- Digital Journal

Earl Dittman - Digital Journal

"...passionate, talented and creatively adventurous, Les Heathcock is making music that stirs your heart and touches your very soul." -- Digital Journal

Earl Dittman - Digital Journal

“Very well-crafted songs! Les defies genres and labels, and just writes and performs good music.”

“ I really dig your music. "nothing can tear me apart" is a great song. Really inspiring story as well. Proud of you Brother, keep on singin' with all your heart. I can hear the heart in your music and it shines through in your vocals. Great stuff. ”

“Loving your great sounds Les! Wishing you good luck & all the best from Paul, the UK's & also London’s current No.1 Blues artist.”

“ Superb songs Les !!! Fabulous vocals centerpiece these great songs !!! Every tune is a beauty, cheers to the one man band !!! Peace, LCB/jeffrey ”

“ Les...My favorite tracks are "As I LIve" and Everything":) ! Your tracks are filled with great raw emotion and bluesy feelings! Awesome music:)! ”

“ The very first tune i heard.....As i live and.....i thought i was listening music from the 70's classic rock,very well done Les Heathcock,wish u the best,God bless.Claudio. ”

“MikeWhitePresents MikeWhitePresents (1 day ago) absolutely captivating songwriting skills on display here..love the style of piano and big wide chord progressions you use on tracks like "nothing can tear me apart" and "she is everything"..almost got a Bacharach/David vibe to those tunes, but heavier and rockier..great vocal skills too. A superb collection of original music! ”