Lei "WorieL" Row / Press

“Lei worked with accomplished singer/songwriter Shaliek Rivers where she sang background vocals on his song "Fillin In The Blanks" off his latest album "Blood Sweat Tears" (http://www.allmusic.com/album/blood-sweat-tears-mw0002607792/credits).”

“Urban Retro Life (Vol. 1) by Lei Row: This project borrows and blends sounds and styles of hip-hop, r&b, and pop music, especially from the 90s and early 2000s.”

"Lei "WorieL" Row is another one those artist floating under the radar, but I believe should more recognition for the quality music she is putting out in many ways she vibes from the 90`s era of RnB music and the 80, s. and her new EP is surely worth checking out if you are bored with the RnB/SOUL music that’s out right now and want to hear someone with a different edge look no further her bio reads like this (and I couldn’t put it any better)."

"Lei Row brought the house down with her sweeping vocals and engaging personality."

“Soo in this case, I think you can believe everything that you hear. This sound dares to jump in and out of the lanes of expressional music, meanwhile maintaining that urban but retro flavor. The voice you are soon to be exposed to belongs to Lei Row, A jazzy entertainer from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania who's electric energy can be felt once she turns her mic on...Lei currently now has her hands full DJing, songwriting and singing. She has positioned herself to be recognized by the major record labels in the industry, along with continous effort and God-giving talent, you should be hearing alot from her in the near future. ”

“Hey Ms. Leirow. Thank you so much. Your vibe is dope. Its free, independent and weightless. I love it. You definitely fit in the "universal" spectrum of music. I hope Philly welcomed you with open arms. You gotta do more here. Dj gigs, lounge sets, showcases...just do it all!! It was a pleasure meeting you and Im sure I'll see you again. Let me know when you want me in Harrisburg.”

"I never had a female-DJ for an event and you were awesome!" -Jocelyn ... "Just wanted to let you know you were so great last night! I'm glad I recommended you!!! Will definitely have to keep you in mind for future events!" -Leah

Joceyln Howard (the mother-to-be) and Leah Holmes (the violinist) - The Baby Shower of Jocelyn & Jerry Howard

“On Saturday, the Central Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, will present “Dancing With the Central Pennsylvania Stars Gala,” a benefit designed to support both organizations. The highlight of the evening will be a dance competition featuring six local celebrities, each paired with professional dancers from PA Dance Sport in Derry Twp. Lei Row Singer/songwriter and student affairs coordinator at Penn State Harrisburg Chosen dance: Swing Partnered with: Bryce Ricca Previous experience: “I danced in high school and was part of a west African dance team in college. Dance never left me.” How’s it going? “It’s not easy. but I think I’m getting hang of it. I have an awesome instructor. We’re going in it to win it.””

“Lei Row's song 'Micromanagement' was selected and featured in the "Hard Rock Rising 2012" competition.”

“@LeiRoWoRieL keep up the good work and keep going!!!!!”

“INDUSTRY ALL ACCESS (IAA) SPOTLIGHT-Get To Know-LEI ROW-Harrisburg’s Uprising Star!”

“Lei Row is a singer-songwriter for the Songs of Love Foundation. The Songs of Love Foundation is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that creates free, personalized, original songs to uplift children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. Each CD is professionally produced with lyrics containing the child's name and references to all of his or her favorite activities, things, people, and pets. Songs are written and performed in any language in the musical style that the child likes best (pop, R&B, rap, rock, alternative, etc.), by a variety of talented professionals.”

"Leirow's tone is brilliant and the tracks are well produced."

“Shout out to Lei Row she came to HIDDEN SOUL last night and did her thing ... Fellas not only is she a beautiful face and eye candy but she has a wonderful blessed voice. GREAT JOB!!! Lei Row hope to see you at WALNUT ROOM UNPLUGGED TUESDAY , p.s tell ur stylist I said hey”

“You have a great voice and great smile .. and don't you be afraid to use it!! (Lei Row's reply: "YES MAAM!!!" lololol .. #LOVE "Carol Riddick" .. she's one of thee Philly Soul #GREATS!!! :-)”

“Eclectic, stylish, funky, smooth, and timeless .. always finding the median between old school and new school .. never forgetting or neglecting its roots but always keeping up with the times in order to create and enhance style, fashion, culture, leadership, and/or music. "urban retro" is commonly associated with today's r&b/soul and hip-hop music and today's vintage fashion and style. Lei Row is an urban retro kinda chick! Lei Row's music is urban retro.”

“She borrows beats from the late great producer J. Dilla on “Luvwounds” on “Luvstruction.” Her vocals ride the beats effortlessly on those songs...With a solid mixtape...Row proves that she’s not going to pigeonhole herself in just one musical genre.”

“'Silver Auddy Award' Winner!”

“Lei Row is a "FEATURED" singer/songwriter in the "Jack Knight Songwriting Academy" under "The Hitmen" member Jack Knight (of former legendary Bad Boy Records). Jack Knight has written and produced for artists/musical inspirations such as Faith Evans, P. Diddy, Keyshia Cole, Christina Aguilera, Tamia, and Carl Thomas, just to name a few.”

“15 Artists–The 15 Poets/Writers/Singers/Artists whose notes & posts I actually read because they make sense, make me laugh, make me think, or just make me want to write .. 'Lei Row' - I love her rendition of Tweet's 'Smoking Cigarettes.'”

“With a totally new look, a totally new sound, could Lei Row be the total package? Well after you read what we already know you might minimize some of your favorite singers, but add Lei Row.”

“NonStopInfo.com's Artist of the Month”