Lauren Wakefield / Press

“While Lauren Wakefield has been performing since she was two years old, she has done it professionally since she was 14. Now at the ripe age of 23, Lauren has developed a healthy following. Lauren describes her style as an old blues/punk fusion which already puts her in a class all her own for such a young artist. In town, Lauren has performed at venues like The Press Club and Distillery as well as Pangaea Two Brews. Currently, Lauren is a solo artist formerly of Lauren and The Solicitors which released a self-titled album called “The Solicitors””

“Lauren is the real deal. Check her out. I did. Lauren's music is an excellent collection of melodic punk/rock that certainly reflects Lauren‘s biggest influences, mainly The Distillers, Hole and Green Day. The production is a bit lackluster, but, Lauren‘s voice is pristine, soaring over her well-crafted, original tunes. Her lyrics prove that I was wrong about her being too young to have been hurt by love. Lauren‘s angry, bitter, cynical. “Method To Madness”, “Down” (which wouldn't be out of place on The Distillers‘ 2nd album), and “Perfect Angel” are my favorites; but, “Cover Up” (a Goo Goo Dolls-esque power ballad) and “Four Leaves” are good tracks, too. The final track “Bittersweet”, an emotional acoustic ballad, is the perfect closer. “Here it goes once again / Another sappy-ass fucking love song,” she croons. I think “Bittersweet” is, in fact, my favorite song! -- Lauren‘s interests, per her Facebook page, are: “Fame. Fortune. Platinum Re”