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" Get Yourself An Evergreen"- Dig the song!! I could hear Tim McGraw doing that!!!

Joe West :hit songwriter & producer - FB

“Thank you, Mr Carney. Finally someone talking some common sense.”

“Hey Rob-just wanted to say i have just heard the mix of "I Do"- beautiful track -the right sentiment,the right sound,the right build-starts in N'Ville,visits Jackson Browne in LA,and ends up in Kilkenny-loved the use of steel, almost like a glass harp, and the tin whistle treatment-the timbre of the Irish Orchestra sounds like the perfect eq for that part naturally-sorry for the rave rant,but well envisioned and developed tracks as this are all too rare lately-great song-good job-SC”

"Declan McManus would be proud!"

Bubblegum StoneyCreek, PA

“The vocals have a way of reaching in and communicating with a guarded spot. A very moving,effective song as a whole, greta lyrics and instruments. Its a beautiful beautiful song.”

Jack Allen Los Angeles

“I’m really enjoying listening through some of your songs. I hear lots of the emotional passion and commitment in your vocals that work so well underneath scenes in films & TV shows. A song like “Impossible But For Friends” has a VERY universal lyric.  The Americana/Roots feel is very popular on shows like Hart of Dixie, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, etc. It’s powerful, authentic and emotional...”

Robin Frederick, Head Screener Taxi - Taxi.com

“Dude great freakin song!”

Mark Riddick - Record producer/ Nashville

“First off, i wish i could buy that lead singer's voice. Fantastic!”

Jack Allen - LA

"This is so nice to hear in the middle of all the mirk and Misery. This is just Up..Up..Up..Great Song!"

Josh Christian, Manlius, New York

“...the energy contained in this track is irrepressible. The music is excellent, the atmosphere's authentic...for four minutes you feel like you're actually in the pub with them till you look down and notice you haven't got a glass in your hand.”

Woodstock Taylor Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom - Woodstock Taylor Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom

“Review of "Build A Boat"...Oh, i am lost in this-its the best "just shut up and smile" since Yellow Submarine. I'm not usually one to rock back and forth when i listen- mostly a head bobber. But you got me. All the little production extras making it sound like i'm in some tavern in Maine after coming back on the lobster boat; well done, well done. The background vocals. Shoot, i do believe this is a fully realized track!”

eztigger from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

“Hard to find better country music. There are so many professionals involved with this track, surely this must be a "top line" band already. The vocals remind me of Marc Bolan (for some obscure reason) pushing out the slightly humorous/cynical lyrics. The dramatic cut offs really got the attention. Anyone aspiring to write good country songs could use this track as a solid example.”

KITMAC from Leicestershire, United Kingdom

“The vocals have been sung beautifully and they go really well with the lyrics, which have most certainly been penned by a fine hand.The musicianship on this record is probably "the best" that i have "ever" come across on this site. Overall, this song is a masterpiece of artwork.”

Midnight - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

"...this should be on the radio. Why it isn't is a crime that some A&R creep is going to have to burn in hell for."

Guymichetti, New York City, NY

"Well, this is craftmanship at its finest, now isn't it? Musicianship is A-list quality and the songwriting is just as impressive. The tune reminds us all why this genre can be so powerful."

Fuzzynormal Hemlock, Michigan