Larry Costa / Press

“You are going to the top... FAST”

Bill Cunningham - The Bill Cunningham show

"my heart was ripped from my chest, wrapped around my body, torn apart, and then put back with Larry's tender voice of endearment"

Kim Bastlow - New York Times

"Larry Costa is AMAZING...I never heard a singer like him before"

Time Out New York

"Larry Costa Buh,Buh, Buh's a surreal Bing Crosby"

Alex Williams - New York Magazine

"Larry is our next huge superstar. Listening to Larry sing is like being made love to."

Joe Franklin - Joe Franklin

"Larry has a voice that's just a notch above Cher and slightly to the left of Sinatra" - award winning film director Ian Halperin

Ian Halperin - Film Director - NY Times