LOTUS {Lyricists Of The Underground Society} / Press

“Omg I would love to hear it!! I feel so honored Omgg hahaha I love it!”

“this is awesome”

“this is awsome”

“keep up the work”

“u fuckn snapped”

“Underground Society #iloveit”

“damn i first i said oh my god this will suck i come and listen and my new impression: holy shit how do you do this crap maine ?”

“u go ham my nigga”

“I feel ya. v~v”

“love it”

“I'm straight downloading this mixtape, nice job on this track~”

"Midwest swag,West coast mentality."Line was tight bro.

“Fu*kin genius!!! The Thirst is real!”


“sounds good. . .I like it.”

“That's sickkkk :)”

“I like Something More & I Thought I Heard You Cry”

“I didn't see it coming”

“I like this song. " I thought I heard you cry "”

“Nice job Brian!”

“I still remember Brian as the #illpoet”

“This is really good, keep it up!”