“.Live Footage transformed the room. Each song started out simple and then built upon itself creating a fuller sound that engulfed the room. The band recently released their self-titled debut record and there is sure to be nothing but praise and accolades in their future. Simply magnificent.”

““creating an all-encompassing, otherworldly, druggy sound that left me speechless. Filmmakers, take note: you’ve got your surrealistsoundtrack composers right here.” -Limewire review of Live Footage CMJ”

“If you love music, like we do, then you’ll love LIVE FOOTAGE. A Brooklyn based band that is by far one of the most unique combinations of musicianship and experimental sounds we have heard in a while... These guys are a phenomena that you can not miss live. They provide headphone nirvana...”

“The only thing getting me through this morning is Live Footage, the project of cellist Topu Lyo and drummer Mike Thies. I first saw them perform at coco66 in Greenpoint, and I can liken the experience to slowly being wrapped in blankets inexplicably crafted from gorgeous sound....”

“loves the band she heard last night, Live Footage. Listening to the 4 songs they have on Myspace all day. myspace.com/livefootagebrooklyn”

“I adore their bittersweet electro clickety moody melodies, voluptuous soaring soundscapes. They're a finger-licking treat to see live, as every performance manages to be quite different from every one before.”

sirin thada