Kim B. / Press

"I like the fact that your music allows me to let my kids listen to it with no worries of hearing anything negative from the lyrics to the actually meaning of the song. Keep doing you Kim B."

Danielle Johnson (Aurora, IL)

“You have a great stage presence... You know how to engage with the crowd and make them feel apart of the performance :) Thats so hard to find now a days.. I support you!!! U go Girl!!”

Whitney Love (Aurora, Il)

“Awesome artist! I have seen her perform and she is truly amazing on and off the stage.So confident, yet humble. So talented and relatable. I am looking forward to what this artist will be doing in the future. I have no doubt in my mind that she will be a Grammy Award winning artist. I can’t wait to see what Kim B. has in store for us!!!!! ”

“Kim B is one of the best all around performers I have seen in my life her passion she puts in her music levitates the audience her dance moves are sick and she is extremely beautiful I’ll be in line for her next show and can’t wait to get this album I’m even buying one for my girl friend ”

“You know how you meet someone and you can tell they’re destined to do great things? That’s Kim! I know that this is only a stepping stone in great things to come. Proud to say I know you. Much love and blessings sent your way. ”

“Kim B has an inspirational story. Her drive and passion for music is unbreakable. This young lady has such positive energy and when she hits that stage, she is smashing! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for KIM B for 2013! ”

“Kim is different from any artist that I’ve heard. She is talented and stays true to her music while making a spot for herself in this industry.”

“Kim B is very dedicated to her art. I have had the pleasure of watch her skills for a very long time and I can guarantee that this artist will not be denied! From song writing, singing and dancing she has the whole package! Watch out all you female artist, Kim B is here to stay!”

“LOVE this gurl! Best voice around cant wait 4 her next album, Ima be blasting it on a 24 hour loop! ”

“Kim is an extremely committed performer. Your attention is immediately captivated as soon as she takes the stage. Kim. B is a wonderful artist and will soon be on top. ”

Gwen Smith (Aurora, IL)

“...when I was watching your videos it surprised me how much swagga you got lol. You control that stage very well and you have amazing vocals and I didnt know you could dance like that!...”

Matt Brock (Yorkville, Il)