Kiirstin Marilyn / Press

“At first listen, [Kiirstin Marilyn's] new EP, Ghosts could be just another electro-pop offering. The vocals are sweet and tuneful, the arrangements energetic, and the production tight. But it’s way too demanding to be background music or something to dance along to. This is a collection of songs that tap you on the shoulder. Think you might drift away? check your texts? tweet? Not while this music is playing, you won’t. It wants all of you, and it accepts nothing less than your full attention.”

“Genre-bending powerhouse Kiirstin Marilyn closed out the night with a passionate and energetic performance. The accomplished artist blends elements of Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and Rock to create a sound that is entirely original in a scene where originality is sometimes hard to come by.”

“Opening the sold-out show was the talented Kiirstin Marilyn with her edgy original tunes. Kiirstin commanded the stage, enticing the audience to join her by literally jumping feet first in the crowd. Enveloped in the wall of sound, music lovers throughout the House were glued to each and every note of her heartfelt and energetic performance.”

“Kiirstin Marilyn put on a uniquely powerful show that had the audience enthralled. With powerful vocals and the charisma of someone who was born to be on stage, her performance made it clear that her many awards and accolades have been well-deserved... It looks like the audience at 89 North had the chance to catch the singer just as she’s on the verge of mega-stardom.”

“Kiirstin has an unearthly sound, in the most non-insulting way I can imagine. Her sound and style are about to change the course of music. It’s rhythmically expressive and experimental with musical structures that fuse the styles from way back when and present day sounds into gloomy, moody, atmospheric experiences. And after all of that, it somehow becomes enveloped in a package of contemporary hip beats that take her songwriting and lyrics to fascinating art altitudes. Let’s just say she is distinctive and addicting.”

"The Struggle" is true to its name in that it centers around a huge one in an individual's, but it's more about overcoming and not letting others bog you down, providing a huge lyric scape for an anthemic pop vocal to rise from which Kiirstin isn't afraid of tackling head-on. The build-up on the interlude leading from the first verse into the chorus is catchy in itself, but once it turns the dial up to 10 on the bass scale, "The Struggle" reaches innovative, commercially apt, and radio-ready heights. Kiirstin Marilyn proves [with] this debut that she is befitting of the type of socially conscious, diversely talented, level-headed artist that we need fronting the female pop revolution.

“While all of the acts had their strengths, the one that stood out the most for me was the performance by Kiirstin Marilyn. Marilyn, an edgy musician unafraid of a little audience interaction, accomplished a lot with merely a drummer, a base, and her own special magnetism. With songs like "The Struggle," and "Grim," her hard, dark rock could speak directly to any brooding heart. She was mesmerizing to watch, with a theatrical intensity and stage presence that evoked Gwen Stefani, Izzy Hale, and other notable female rock musicians.”

“Because I have very little shame, I will outright say I have an absolute girl crush on Kiirstin Marilyn. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but her music makes me smile... If you haven’t heard of Kiirstin or her music, I highly suggest you check her out.”

“Kiirstin wears her musical versatility on her sleeve, or rather, her head. With long, wavy locks parted above a shaved portion of her head, she’s part classic beauty, part nonconformist punk rocker. It’s a look that can’t be ignored on stage, as Kiirstin doesn’t just sing, she performs. It’s a performance that’s teeming with energy and balanced with sensuality. Kiirstin oftens walks off stage to look directly into the eyes of an audience in the middle of a song, as if she’s written the song specifically for them. The show and the music are intimate, big and captivating. It’s the kind of performance that one could watch on mute and still be enthralled with, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“...she definitely and defiantly took it to the next level. this, in my humble opinion, is a transitional project that assures the public will have no choice but to indulge in her melodies and harmonic voice as it flows through this maze of emotional lyrics and heart gripping highs and lows...”

“She's amazing...”

"...Kiirstin [Marilyn]'s voice is wonderful and rich...”