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“The minute Owens and his band of Backburners takes the stage, gear heads and poetry alums alike wake up and take notice. The first thing you notice is that Owens’ guitar-welding sidekick, Bebo Whitehead, is playing his six-string upside down. A clear case of a left-handed boy who picked up a right-handed guitar at a young age just because he wanted to play…and it just stuck. This coupled with upbeat and catchy tracks like "Hard Times" and the Bluegrass stylings of "Ballad of Bodean Hardin" makes one wonder why these guys ever left Nashville. Owens even manages a throw back to the bluesy-side of the British Invasion with everything from amped-up Vox amps to Hammond organs complete with swirling Leslies. Maybe you caught him at Houston's Cactus Music in-store, but if not, he's coming soon to an impromptu roadhouse jam near you…”

“Kenny Owens' Walking in St James is a breath of fresh air from a time almost forgotten. This album is not about perfection, but about truth. His words hold authority and give an authentic pulse that can only be found now days from a dusty record. The album has an interesting flow, and a wide palette of human emotions are rolled out as each track hits a different nerve, memory, and reaction. The production of the album is very clean, almost too clean, yet all one can listen to, is simply Kenny Owens. You almost forget there are other instruments, you almost forget it is an album being played through the stereo or headphones. It feels live, it feels historic, but what Kenny Owens has made is simply---Real.”

Cody Brooks - Bassist of Carolina Dye - Carolina Dye

“After spending most of his musical life as a bass-playing sideman with the likes of the Hagar twins, M.C. Potts and even Bill Monroe, Kenny Owens decided to trade his four-string for a six-string and focus on writing and recording. The fruit of that metamorphosis Walking in St. James, a collection of mostly Owen-penned songs that have a laid-back, shambling folk-rock groove a la '70s Dylan. In fact, on tracks like "Ballad of Bodean Hardin"and "Ten Dollar Soul," Owens' quavering rasp recalls the pride of Hibbing, Minn. But on other songs, like "Hard Times"and the standout "She's Just Lorraine" -- a good-time boogie propelled by some bawdy saloon piano -- echoes of Warren Zevon reverberate in his earthy croon. He'll be backed by his band, the Backburners.”

“Kenny Owens writes fresh lyrics and performs his songs in a style that is both unique and entertaining. His music, while reminiscent of many big names in the music industry, is not derivative or a trite knockoff of any of those artist. His lyrics are well crafted and have the polish only life experience and the mind of a true master songwriter can attain. Walking in St. James, would make an excellent addition to the music collection of any fan of bluegrass, country, rock, rhythm and blues, or singer/songwriter music.”