Kelley Zinge / Press

“Kelley's embodiment of Patsy Cline was a sight to behold. It felt as if Pasty herself was in our venue telling her unique stories and she wowed the audience with her voice, authenticity and on-stage charisma.”

Katherine Warren - Sheridan Opera House

“Patsy Cline may be dead but her spirit lives on in Kelley Zinge! Amazing performance tonight!”

Susan Viebrock - Telluride Inside and Out

“If you want to see Patsy Cline come alive before your eyes, watch Kelley Zinge who absolutely channels Patsy in her one-woman tour de force, "Purely Patsy". With a remarkably powerful, perfect-pitch voice, show-stopping good looks, and unforgettable charisma, Kelley is destined to become a big star...her presence is enormous, and she totally entertains and captivates the audience without missing a beat. She is not to be missed! ”

Rhea Goodman - Living Juicy! KSFR 101.1 FM

"Santa Fe is "Crazy" for Patsy and Kelley Zinge! Wow!!! What a night."

Linda Krull - Stars Never Fade Productions

“Closer Walk with Patsy Cline is a first-rate quality production that's enjoyable on all fronts. Rob Benson is hilarious with his comedic bits that are delivered with perfect timing while the band is razor sharp. But it's Zinge's singing that will having you begging for more. When she unleashed her pipes full force on "Sweet Dreams," the fuzzy, curly hair on the back of my neck literally stood on edge and that's hard to do.”

Dan Willging/Big Daddy with KGNU Radio Boulder, CO - A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline

“Kelley Zinge really nailed the "sassy" Patsy persona that I remember so well of her and her singing is more like Patsy's as any I've heard. Her rendition of "Railway to Heaven" with the pedal steel accompaniment and then her a capella version of "Closer Walk with Thee" were really beautiful and the audience was glued to her the entire show. Coupled with a sharp and cohesive band and the comic that pulled the whole story together, "A Closer Walk with Thee" was a stunning and audibly riveting performance!”

Eddie Kepp - Eddie Kepp - Country western personality