Kayden Crooks / Press

“The rap video My Name is FAME begins with a brightly lit neon ferris wheel seemingly spinning in time to a mellow drum beat, before the viewer gets a glance of the young rapper’s face. He then begins rapping in front of a montage of Mission landmarks like the post office, Clarke Theatre, and museum. The video sounds like something straight from the golden age of hip hop, producing a sound you’d expect from Souls of Mischief or Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth. “My goal was to bring back that ‘90s type rap that people say they miss and wish it would come back,” says rapper Immortal Fame, whose name is inspired from New York rapper Immortal Technique. What’s all the more remarkable about Fame, is that his real name is Kayden MacDonald, a Heritage Park secondary student who turned 17 in December. Most of his music is composed of barely remembered old school riffs from the ‘90s put to his own lyrics and style of delivery, making for a distinct vibe that, perhaps...........”

“You're pretty good, you tell really good stories in your raps, I can see you going far in this industry.”

Hopsin - Hopsin

"You have a style i have never heard in any other rapper before.. i love it! its what seperates you from the rest."

Anonymous - FaceBook

"Music was dope , thnks for sharin you got yer own style which is dope ."

Fatty Down - FaceBook

"you got an old soul", "ur really good..like ur voice..n how u spit...listen to u now..wow"

Shadina - Shadina