Kuf Knotz / Press

“The disc showcases a wide range of influences spanning jazz, hip-hop and even elements of pop and folk. It also revels in Knotz’s ability to create lyrically meaningful hip-hop, with themes that veer from a pure passion for the music to the unfortunate idolization of fame and fortune.”

Naila Francis - The Intellegencer

“Boombox logic is the latest album from rapper Kuf Knotz. It mixes old school hip-hop with new school vibe to provide music that die hard fans will love and newcomers can latch on to.”

Matt Rodriguez - Shakefire.com

“WXPN favorite Kuf Knotz isn’t the first musician in the history of hip hop to go solo after a history of band collaborations. He is, however, one of the major names in Philadelphia’s hip hop scene—and, when the former frontman of BurnDown All Stars and The Hustle announced the upcoming release of his solo debut earlier this year, we couldn’t help but get giddy with excitement.”

“Boombox Logic is a carousel ride of styles: big, swirly doo-wop harmonies, guitar solos, obese beats and electronic shimmies and bloops all hung on Kuf’s smooth, smart rhymes.”

Tara Murtha - The Philly Weekly

“Screw you if you haven’t bought Philly MC Kuf Knotz’s Boombox Logic. It’s a wildly literate triply diverse debut disc that does his mom — and the Mad Dragon label — proud.”