“They have a lot of songs to listen and they are all amazing, you will never get bored I could listen this all day. This music could be played for sure on a rock festival around in this world”

“HIghly entertaining live show!”

“Now on to a full album, and it’s a melodic pop punk treat. They’ve got some good tunes and a bagful of energy, and when the two combine on songs like ‘Ready To Roll’ and ‘Earthquake’, you can well understand how they’re becoming popular with “the kids”.”

“Discovering new music is always a pleasant feeling, that’s what we felt with Kittenhead, a colorful band from Los Angeles, California. A mix of sounds including rock and roll and punk lets you enjoy of a very unique sound that is pretty much no longer around.”

"who let the cats out!"


“Kittenhead is Los Angeles-based rock band united in their desire to create high-energy rock and roll. They comprise: Kivi, DD, Owen and VJJ. Read the lively interviewed here on Planet London!”

"Like a molten tidal wave, Kittenhead slams into the audience from the first chord of the first song, sending waves of pure riot into the crowd. Kivi Kittenhead, blasts and berates the audience, slowly stripping off layers of leather, vinyl, white cotton and plaid pleats throughout the set. DD and VJJ wildly careen around the stage, challenging and dueling each other, trading bass and guitar back and forth. O-Face, well – he just loves his job, holding down the fort on the drums, with the best seat in the house. The punk rock frenzy of Kittenhead spins and churns and whips up to a chaotic release, like a lid flying off a blender on high. And we are spent."

“This band is a fast rockin', wild style band; if you want music that fills up a room and has a meaning, then you have to check this band out.”

"With a sound that could be the lovechild of Bikini Kill and The Gits, and smart lyrics that leave no room for doubt, Kittenhead straddles the gap between old-skool sensibility and nu-skool perspective. From the opening title track to the last sexy groove of 'Tattoo', Kittenhead proves that punk's not dead yet."

“I had a great time rocking with Kittenhead at the Roxy. Go see them. They will be around for a long as they want to be.”