Kevin Edward / Press

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! ! ! I was totally unaware you had been to both the other walks in the area. You were very busy. Please keep Sunday Morning open for next years relay.”

Andrea Hart, Relay for Life ~ Co-chair 2011

“It was a joy having you share God's gifts at our Good Ol' Tent Revival. Looking forward to next year.”

Amanda Simpson Community Church, Richmond, MI

“The mood the music and special effects you lent to our passion play I SAW HIM were spectacular. Using familiar contemporary tunes, By His Wounds and Lead me to the Cross, a song I had never heard before. Those lyrics spoke to my soul, I am so glad you encouraged me to sing it with you. All six songs used were stragically placed and really helped to tell the story. That wonderful song you wrote, On Easter Day brought tears to many in the congregation. Thank you for your dedication and the time you took to practice with the choir for this years Easter performance.”

Elaine Richardson - 1st Evangelical Lutheran Church, Algonac

“Kevin, Joshua and Wes were a pure joy to have at worship and entertain during our annual Strawberry Festival. Their hearts and voices raised the praise of the church family to a new level for our God & King.”

Pastor Buel Eldridge - St. Paul's Pres. Church

“K B's songs are reflective to the roots of modern day worship music, much to the likes of Green and Mullins.”

P J Carson - Indie Artist