KC Daleigh / Press

“KC, loving your sound. You remind me of June Carter Cash...so honest and great imagery. Red Roses is haunting...Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan I hear all the legends. Fabulous.”

Karen Carruso - Reverbnation Artist - Fort Plain, NY

“What an Amazing video "Whispers" Truly Is**** Enchanting and Inspirational ! Thank U so much 4 Lighting up the Candle of Love and Peace, the Kind that can only come from One source! Away with Sorcery and Let the One Source into one's Heart*** Sauciness and Audacity is Fine 2 if It Brings the Truth and Oneness of Heart, Soul, and Spirit of the Divine that is Essential in this Quaking Shaky Troubled World that Tests Us So Intensely. Bless U and Ur Bonny Bunch of Red Roses in the Snow KC. This little light of urs u gotta let it shine******”

Nappy Sunbeam - Reverbnation Artist, Boston UK

“Another wonderful visit to your page ! Loving every song (as always) - including the poignant story of "Billy". Your voice, songs and style are comforting and real - both qualities that are hard to find in music today. Wishing you continued success... Always a fan ! bg”

Bruce Graml - Reverbnation Artist - Buffalo, NY

“it’ a pleasure to be back with you here!! ◠‿◠ today i am drawn to ur emotional song ‘RED ROSES IN THE SNOW’ !!இڿڰۣ-♥ you have so many amazing songs!! ✿══♬ ✿ ♪ wishing you a blessed Weekend on on-wards!! ♫✿ ♪ ♫ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox Rawking Regards Co ღ”

Belinda & Co. - Reverbnation Artist, UK

“WHISPERS on my playlist. Such a wonderful, sentimental and melancholic song with a heartfelt lyric which touches my soul and heart. Thank you KC for your constant support. Hope you're well. Love & Respect. José”

Jmoya - Reverbnation Artist Bilboa, ES

“Yo..RRITSnow is hauntingly beautiful. I felt it start raining on me at one point i swear. Keep up the kickin ass KC!”

Aaron Roberts - Reverbnation Artist Gate City, VA

“Looking back on all your successes you can be justifiably proud~great work here from a top lady~Warmest regards, Paul”

Paul Dunn - Reverbnation Artist, Sheffield UK

“Thank you for being you, for composing, singing and sharing such moving and melodic music - and for all the support you give.There are very few with your grace and compassion.”

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation Artist, Nottingham UK

“I'm enjoying the wonderful WHISPERS KC! Your voice is golden. I always enjoy my visit to your wonderful page! ~ Rod”

Sur Rod - Reverbnation Artist, Nashville, TN

“Hi KC, I also enjoy your music today. I like sound and melody of your music. Your singing voice is very wonderful above all! ^^b -Toshikazu”

Toshikazu Maruno - Reverbnation Artist Kagoshima, JP

“Such cool stuff, I love Broken, it reminds me of old New Riders or Flying Burrito Bros. with Patsy Cline sitting in. I dig it !”

Justin Heath - Reverbnation Artist/ Asheville, NC

“ღ hi dear KC ,இڿڰۣ--- it was glorious listenin to ur *awesome* cover ‘IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR’ ♪(ツ)♪ as always sung so beautifully n with heart!! ♪❤♫ very Cinematic n professional production on all levels!! ♪❤♫.*♫♪ְֱ♪(ツ)♪ * you are a blessing to the music world!! ♪❤♫.*♫♪♪(ツ)♪ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox Rawking Regards Co ღ”

Belinda & Co. - Reverbnation Artist, UK

“I was listening to eleni mylona then I turned this on very startling are the two beautiful voices in my brain what a duo you two would make love you voice dear keep groovin”

Corey Steele - Reverbnation Artist South Haven, MI

“Beautifully simple and concise songwriting. Just like the greats. Tom T. Hall, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson. Excellent. Take care.”

Bob Hausler - Reverb.Artist - Saginaw, MI

“Hi KC, what a lovely performance of "Red Roses in the Snow"~you're a star. Hope everything is going well for you~Much love, Paul and Becca”

PAUL DUNN - Reverb.Artist/ Sheffield UK

“Hi KC I hope you have a fantastic weekend my friend. Your such a talent and I'm proud to be your fan and friend.”

Tim Ratliff - Reverb.Artist - Lexington, KY

“Much respect for your talents. You are first class writer and performer. Thank you for sharing your talents. Take care.”

Bob Hausler - Reverb.Artist - Saginaw, MI

“FOR THE GOOD TIMES....All of them...for YOU. Your amazing. Thank you for that bright light you bring into out hearts and LIFE.”

Steve Inglis - Reverb.Artist/ Edinburg, UK

“Hi KC, listening to 'The Heart of Me' and really loving the simplicity yet captivating melody of this tune. Your voice and commitment embodies that of a true Country artist. All the best my dear friend. -Dave”

greeneye656 - Reverb.Artist - Reading, PA

“i wish to *thank you* in abundance for being so kind in heart *✫¸.♥✫ in tweeting our song 'Universal Prayer In The Arms Of Angels' *god bless you* for this!! ❤✿ܓ i have also been enjoyin all ur videos, so many beautiful songs n messages!! ♪❤♫ ‘Please Call My Name’ in music collaboration with ‘David Farrow’ is a song that reaches out to the heart n embraces the emotional soul ♥¸.•´♥` glorious musical living translation that breaths earnestly!! ★ ❤ ♪ ♫ high praise to both of you!! ★ ❤ ♪ ♫ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ”

Belinda & Co. - Reverb.Artist/E.Sussex UK

“Hey from Nashville-you have a classic voice and a style that needs to remain part of America. Keep writing-these are excellent songs! My Best-MF Foster”

MF Foster - Reverb.Artist - Normandy, TN

““‘THE ROSE IN A BIBLE’ is a very worthy musical achievement!! ✿ܓ ❤ delivered so gracefully with the tenderness required for such a beautiful song n lyrical arrangement ❤ ((*_*)) ❤ head phones on n listening again many times because the Bluegrass n Country is so captivating ur tender loving embracing voice, the amazing musical depth n the beautiful cooperation n spectrum of musical instruments with lyrics n ur tender blue graceful voice is so refreshing n kind to the holy spirit!! ✫¸.♥✫ *beauty at it’s best*!! ♪❤♫ (¯`♥´¯) ✫´ `*.¸.*´♥¸. * god bless you my friend!! *✫¸.♥✫ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ””

Belinda & Co. - Reverb.Artist/ UK

“On this wonderful evening I'm enjoying your amazing version of "Put Your Head On My Shoulder". You're not only a very talented artist, you are awesome! It's a pleasure to meet you! All the best wishes from your Danish friend! Keld”

Keld Sand - Reverb.Artist - FAXE LALEPLADS, DK

“I'm listening to "Here to There " again and every time I hear it, it always brings a smile. I guess I like the melody, your soft voice and the change in tempo/rhythm. Continue rockin' my friend! :):)”

greeneye656 - Reverb.Artist - Reading, PA

“Telling lyrics, serene vocals and professional production render a most enjoyable listening experience. Thank you KC for your support and know music is our human communion.”

David Gillespie - Reverb.Artist - Tacoma, WA

“The Hoe-Down starts with “Mule Skinner Blues’ on KC’s page. That signature yodel takes me back... great song!”

The Pizza Kings - Reverb.Artist - Vancouver, BC, CA

“Whispers was a beautiful song with such vocals my god just spectacular u are a amazing artist with such precision and grace best wishes Warren Burnett!”

Warren Burnett - RN Artist/Spencer, MA

“ღ hiii hiiiiii KC ✿◠‿◠) been really enjoyin ur beautiful song ‘THE HEART OF ME’ ´♥`•.¸.•´♥ you sing this divinely!! ✿ܓ n i *thank* the angels above because you have been blessed with an *awesome* angelic voice!! ♪(ツ)♪ ✿ܓ ✫¸.♥✫ (¯`♥´¯) .✫´ `Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ”

Belinda & Co. - Reverb.Artist//UK

“ღ hiii hiiiiii KC, ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ been really enjoying ur collaboration with Kenny ♪❤♫ ur *beautiful* song WHISPERS -KC and KENNY ♪(^_^)♪ brilliant song writing with two heavenly voices singing angelic, spiritual messages of positive whispers to the heart!! ♥°°¨°*•.¸*•.¸❥ you both shine so bright with this heavenly song!! I love 'Whispers' so much i have added to my favorites!! ✰♥✰ (¯`♥´¯) .✫´ `*.¸.*´♥¸. * thank you for making my heart melt today !!* ** ❤✿ܓ ღ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ”

Belinda & Co. - Reverb.Artist//UK

“KC~Your lyrics tug at the heartstrings. Enjoying "Whispers" and "My Little Children" today. I hope your have a wonderful week.”

Mike Vinson - Reverb.Artist//Stockbridge, GA

“You deserve songwriter of the year KC. "Whispers" beautifully moving lyrics, voice and production. First class all the way. LA best wishes.”

Chuck Brunicardi - Reverb.Artist//Pacific Palisades, CA

“Whispers, great songs, you are loved, great music, bless you greatly”

ONE WAY CLOSER - Reverb.Artist//St.Joseph, MO

“A superb array of amazing songs dear KC. Such wonderful heart fed music which is why each glowing composition sounds so mega marvelous, Peace and World Love, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverb.Artist//London, UK

“The heart of Reverb is here ! Finest songs KC ! All the best from Hamburg !”

Gottwald - Reverb.Artist//Hamburg

“WHISPERS give me such a sense of Jesus watching over us,, and it fills my heart with joy... You are a wonderful sister and friend,, and an outstanding artist”

Bonnie McGill - Reverb.Artist//West Lorne ON CA

“Whispers are a wonderful thing!! This song is wonderful just like you KC...=_=... ♥”

MaryAnn - Reverb.Artist//Swartswood, NJ

“Whispers is a great tune. It takes you on a walk through the woods with beautiful singing. Keep making this great music.”

SMiley in USA - Reverb.Artist//Broomfield, CO

“THE SNOW ROSE ...tender as beautiful white rose in full bloom...and that's just YOU. Wonderful song Kc, it melts my heart and makes my soul sing. Thank you.”

Steve Inglis - Reverb.Artist//Edinburgh UK

“KC how's it going? Do you know how Great 'Red Roses in the Snow' is? Loving it and you singing it. How is hometown? Enjoy it for me! Keep well and making magic~”

Eston Zevan - Reverb.Artist// Auburn, WA

“Being lifted in my spirit listening to El Shaddai.”

Jamie Karris - Reverb.Artist/Atlanta, GA

“🌹 Red Roses in the Snow 🌹 your story telling is only excelled by your brilliant voice KC. What a beautiful production. So. Fla love * Patricia”

ECOLOGYNCLE - Reverb.Artist - S. Florida

“‘WHISPERS -KC and KENNY’ what a beautiful divine collaboration!! ♪❤♫ totally beautiful on all levels!! ❤✿ܓ❤✿ܓ (¯`♥´¯) .✫´ `*.¸.*´♥¸. * heavenly blessings!! * ❤✿ܓ *✫¸.♥✫ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ”

Belinda & Co. - Reverb.Artist//UK

“KC. You are Special. I see what you are doing here. Some people might call it God's Work. I say you are a magnificent Human Being, a loving, caring Woman that puts the needs of others before her own. Where I am from, we call that being Selfless. That is what you are. Sending you many K I S SE S, from Toronto. Your friend, Robert Mitchell Patterson”

GORGON - Reverb.Artist/ TORONTO, CA

“WHISPERS -KC a… Oh my God, sweet song! Renews my hope and my heart. You are a blessing! A storm of happiness and success for you and your beautiful music.”

Nice Veloso - Reverb.Artist/SALVADOR, BA BR

“Very much enjoying "The Heart of Me"...very good work indeed KC and your collaboration with King Kenny "My Little Children" is absolutely delightful. Congratulations to you both..My very best wishes~Paul”

Paul Dunn - Reverb.Artist - Songwriter

“Nice work, KC, and you're a totally rockin' lady and exemplary human being! Here's a big thanks and yee-haw from the overly rowdy buddies way up in Alberta, Canada!”

CRAZY CREEK - Reverb.Artist//Alberta, CA

“Majical! Thats what you are, dear KC...you are the light of day..and the stars at night ...you are as wondrous as your song...you are adorable..and I am so please to know you...: ))  Johnny Bonkers about 2 hours ago Thats what you are, dear KC...you are the light of day..and the stars at night ...you are as wondrous as your song...you are adorable..and I am so please to know you...: ))”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverb.Artist//London, UK



“KC...I just listened to your radio interview. Please believe me that you are truly blessed. This moved me so much. Your work with humanity is not being ignored. You give...you will receive...but I think you are not bothered about receiving, you just do it for the purest and truly only force in this universe...LOVE.”

Steve Inglis - Reverb.Artist//UK

“girl... "red roses in the snow" was like connie smith singing and marty stuart on mando... although i like your vocal better than i would connie's... lol... that's my kind of old time americana, darlin'... ya boi d”

MAGNETO FLOBE - Reverb.Artist/Seminole, FL

“KC is one of the better pure country music artists that ever stepped up to a microphone. It don't take long to realize that as you hear her sing with that unique voice!!!!”

Tim Ratliff - RN Artist/Lexington, KY

“KC, you have this fantastic Kitty Wells quality in your lovely voice. Quite blown away by your rendition of "It Was A Very Good Year." It has a real mystique about it. Bravo! ~Liz [The Lizabeth Sessions]”

Liz - Reverb.Artist/Portland, OR

“Retweeted Grayskytv (@Grayskytv): @KCDaleigh This woman is the type of independent entertainer that breathes life into everything!!!”


“You have great songs This My Son gets into my soul and watch out for that steel guitar tears will come and From Here to There another great song You are the best ...I am going on more radio sites now and down loading more songs ..I sure would love to co write with you I have a lot of songs in my junk pile that can be worked on God bless and merry Christmas and happy new year..From Linda and Me”

Gene Paradis - Reverb.Artist/Fairfield, ME

“Fantastic singing, you're really brilliant, love the wonderful sounds! You have an amazing talent & gift for beautiful music! God Bless you!”

Robert Steven Hunt - Reverb.Artist/Reading, UK

“Hi KC, You have a bright future Do you want to perform in Malaysia?”

Negarakus - Reverb.Artist/Kuala Lumpur MA

“Beautiful and talented, you break hearts with that voice KC!”

Bob Rylett - Reverb.Artist/Vancouver, BC CA

“I listened to it from beginning to end, amazing musical picture u've put a melody and very distinguished lyrics to indeed, beautiful work there, and love the live music, extra incentive to my kinda music, (lol) Blessings for sharing. ”

Bubbo Jones - Reverb.Artist/Promotions/ Cleveland, OH

"The first thing that you think of when you look at KC Daleigh is the wonderful life and vivacious spirit she brings to us! With her beautiful purple flowers accenting her lace of her blouse in her photo at her No.1 spot on Reverbnation for Plant City, FL in the Americana/Easy Listening platform, it's hard not to draw attention to her blue eyes. With a bit of Tammy Wynette and Emmylou Harris, the twinkling in her voice and soul find a way to bring peace to your inner-self. It feels as though she is reaching out to send us a message of comfort. KC also holds the No.1 spot for Gospel in the Plant City area on her Reverbnation site under 'The Rose of Sharon'"

“Hopefully one day you will come to the other side of the world (my country) and share your beautiful music here. I guess some of us were born to sing and live to deliver beautiful messages thru music :) Have a great beautiful day, KC :) GBU”

Baby Astheria - Reverb.Artist/Bandung, WEST, ID

“hey kc :} smiles for miles! i really do love your voice and songs. i feel at home with you and you're music. it reminds me of another time when people helped each other..neighbors were neighbors and family was tight.”

pinksideofthemoon - Reverb.Artist/Los Angeles, CA

“Hello KC! Your rendition of The Rose is very good and very beautiful. wow! So glad I found you here! You have a lot of wonderful songs.!!”

Billy Cisco - Reverb.Artist/Yuma, CO

“Music is the best platform wherein we can shine with beautiful lyrics and music thus bring healing to us and others :). Ure a beautiful amazin spirit with a lovely sweet voice. Much blessings and hugs. Have a lovely Sunday.”

Felicia - Reverb.Artist/MINDEN, NW, DE

“I found in your music a humble, down to earth quality that alot of new music is missing. Keep up the good work. God bless.”

Matthew Damm - Reverb.Artist/Kansas City, MO

“KC's music makes me think of some of those great ladies in country who are in my VINYL collection...Kitty Wells, Jean Shephard, Barbara Pittman...love it! Is that you whistling on "Love Letters In the Sand " ? A pleasure to hear! Thanks for keeping these things alive!!”

Victoria Woodworth - Reverb. Artist/NASHVILLE, TN

“Congrats on being nominated as NAPW's PROFESSIONAL BUSINESSWOMAN OF THE YEAR. You deserve all the good things you get. You do bless everyone you meet. WTG.... ”

kcsneighbor - Reverb. Fan/Plant City, FL

“Dolly,your are an AWESOME artist! The million dollor VOICE! All success! Sugar Bear Trio ”

EMR Records & Managemet - LABEL/Arcadia, MO

“...I listen to quite a few people here.A lot are very good,but your stuff holds a special place....You are talented...in the extreme.You create a "vibe" the way you put it across.....I don't mean to sound cliche...but I'm your biggest fan!....Luv always”

Chuck Paul - Reverb.Artist/West Pittston, PA

“Dolly your style is off the charts phenomenal! AWESOME!!!!! Bavo,keep'em comin'! EMR Records”

Mark - LABEL/EMR Records and Management

“Hi KC. Saw you over at Vittorio's. What a talent. Another true treasure. But only you have Soldier Boy. Very big in it's day and still sounds great. Have a nice day. Best wishes. Magnificat Sonnets ”

Magnificat Sonnets - Reverb. Artists/ Fresno, CA

“I'm about halfway down your song list. I love your style of music, first of all, but couldn't stop thinking about your vocals all day at work! Its as though I can feel every memory, from the happiest to the cruelest, in your life. Thank you again for your comment. I've only being writing and performing for a couple years now, so to hear that you like the music really means a lot. Peace and love.”

Jonathan Butkovik - Reverb.Artist/NASHVILLE, TN

“The ears of England are listening to you! we shall listen on the beaches, in the fields, on the streets, we shall listen on the hills and we shall never surrender our support, we shall continue the struggle to empower your music and all new music until, in God's good time, the entire RN community steps forward to the rescue and liberation of the musically subjugated and culturally starved. That...or we'll just kick back with a cup of tea and load more great tunes into the playlist. One or the other.”

MikeWhitePresents - LABEL/LONDON, UK

“For the good times... is it jazz, swing...almost slowrock.. its a subtle emotion breathed through the angelic voices of two souls... why does it sound so familiar..... have you been a big star some years ago... i wont be surprised if you have been...as of now u r the star on my list....the man sounds like late Dan Seals...and you like Marie Osmond! ”

ROCKSTARMOMO - Reverb. Artist/ Panaji IN

“Maybe KC's songs aren't gold yet,but her heart sure is.she is one lovely lady and glad to know her........Charles”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverb.Artist/Minneapolis, MN

“You sound alot like June Carter....sorry if you don't like that. I think your voice is beautiful.”

Nicholas Calandrino - GUNBOAT KINGS - Reverb.Artist/Hunington Beach, CA

“Such beauty, classic beauty in your music. Your "EL SHADDAI" brought tears to my eyes, really touched me, thanks. Also, thanks for taking the time to listen to my work, God Bless You,, Mike,,”

DeliaPhiato Music - Reverb.Artist/Los Angeles, CA

“Hi, just checking up on you looking out for any new tracks you may have uploaded. . Much Success !”

Virgin Records A&R - LABEL/Beverly Hills, CA

“KC....you're heart n soul are every bit as beautiful as you & your music!!!! Always Your Admirer!!! Keep ROCKIN!!! xos! ~jimi riv~”

Lyme River - Reverb. Artist/Durango, CO

“You have an utterly classic sound. I'd swear I was listening to a vinyl track. Love your sound.”

Kayt Lucas - Reverb.Artist/High Park, ON CA

“Thanks for the add KC .. love your style .. Stay in touch”


“Its a great song Dolly - Love your voice.- love your music. xxx Wes Paul”


“I’m a composer and pianist from Ukraine, impressed with your music and your performance. Best wishes to you!”

Serge Grimalsky - Reverb.Artist/Kyiv, UA

“Glad to be networking with you here on ReverbNation... love your music by the way... God Bless Michael Anthony”


“KC!....i really love "faded Roses"...is that you overdubbing harmonies?.It's sweet.The acoustic guitar has a very nice sound..just a guess here,but is it a martin?It sounds beautiful.The guitar work is just enough and fits pertfectly for the groove of the song.Your voice can never be overstated...nice work....keep the pedal to the floor!.”

Chuck Paul - Reverb. Artist/West Pittston, PA

“Angels are cryin' over your lovely music, my friend”

Mountaindawg - Reverb. Artist/Guerneville, CA

“Anytime that you are looking for new songs, I write country, country gospel, praise & worship, etc. I would be honored to have you singing any of them. Have a Wonderful day & Week Gary ”

Gary Cook & Kentucky Country - Reverb. Artist & Songwriter/ Princeton, KY

“Goldmine! $$$ Bingo!! KC, you have a genuine treasure here. I loved listening to your front page set, and you have so many more! You know my favorite. And The Angels Cried! Best wishes. Save The Children ”

Magnificat Sonnets - Reverb. Artist/ Fresno, CA