Just Hits / Press

“Hey man...I have just completed my first listen to the Just Hits album you shared with me, and I must say.....I am f'n impressed!! Congratzzz!!!!! Anyway... If I were to explain you guys to someone who has not heard ya, I would say Just Hits is like Danzig-meets-Nirvana-meets-Red Hot Chili Peppers!!!...and thats a VERY good thing, right??!!! Your lead vocalist sounds eerily like Glenn Danzig, especially in "Who Am I" I also enjoyed your bass tracks, extremely!! I think you have gained a fan in the 'tundra'”

Tracy Olson

“If you havent heard of these guys you will now...BAD ASS group that opened up for us and Haze last night. Brought something new to the table and it was sure tasty! Check their page out!”

Jeremy M. Alvarado - Final Assembly

“Come check us out and let us know what you think!!!”

Just Hits