Just Ben / Press

“ Ben's music is diverse, rich and empowering. From the soft melodies of "Kitaro's theme" to the engaging percussion and drifting India-esque sounds of "Anxious remedy," Ben demonstrates talent as versatile as it is unbounded. Keep up the great work, my friend! Adam ”

Adam Pearson - Reverbnation

"Kitaro's Theme/ Just Ben Dreamin' - just took me away. Ben I rode that song into another dimension or something. The effect it had on me was profound. It was energizing and relaxing at the same time. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever heard. Rick Frost

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“ This is a highly recommended rest stop on the Reverb Nation Highway!When listening to "Just Ben" the rest of the trip looks easier. -Rick Frost ”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“Your songs have a curious pull on me. I really wonder what's coming from around the corner. (Anxiety Remedy in particular). Very engaging and enjoyable piece.”

August Virga Sextet - Reverbnation

"I consider your page a masterpiece! And what blows me away (the most) is how all of your compositions fit together like a giant and beautiful soundtrack!" "You'll never know how moving and inspiring your music has been 2 me." Thank U! "AC"

The AC Music Group - Reverbnation

“ hello just ben.. my name is thumper81 and i'm your BIGGEST fan!!!!! i'm sitting here listening to your song simplicity and I LOVE IT. it reminds me of back in the day when i use to skate to "bounce rock skate". i love the baseline. it really thumps. i can't wait to hear the 2nd version ”

thumper81 - Reverbnation

“Your music is so fine and grooves down! We are chillin' back with U MAKING ME MOAN. Slick, futuristic and funkadelic. We are loving how you warp it.. way WAY on the outside~Unexpected twists and turns in the sonic landscape of KITARO'S THEME/I'M JUST DREAMING. We love it all. Keep on keepin on.. ”

Clancy and Holojean - Reverbnation

“Ben, Yours music is deliciously provoking! Layer upon layer, each path you carve is thoroughly engaging! Great stuff Ben, you have some amazing music! It's really a pleasure to meet you :) sincerely, Michael”

Michael David Sherwood - Reverbnation

“ Great beats and tunes! Most enjoyed your Kitaro's Theme! Such a melodic song! Best wishes! ”

LPB Band - Reverbnation

“ You are taking it back to Herbie Hancock and DXT FOR REAL!- Just Ben is a Problem Folks !!! You have now Been Warned !! ”

Mecca-Digital HiFi - Reverbnation