Just A Memory / Press

" . . . Just A Memory, is one of the more innovative bands making music in New York these days. They deserve big things . . ."

“One group of Syracuse-based musicians have grown by working their asses off, always pushing for that next level, and simply creating a road map and following their dreams.”

“The songs all have energy and a very new sound . . . The sound and energy that I hear only make me want to see them perform even more and eagerly wait for their next CD. This band cares about what they do and it shows in the finished product.”

“Every member of Just a Memory was animated and engaged with the crowd. Every. Member. As such they were both a sheer delight and also a pain in the ass to shoot.”

“Over the last three years, we have played with countless national acts and opened the 95X Summer Bang. Not only have we gotten to meet most of the bands that are played [on] every radio we own repeatedly on a daily basis, but they also helped us grow as a band. The bands would all talk to us, and give us constructive criticism, and really helped us evolve into the band that we are today.”

“The Syracuse natives played with an aggressive and high energy style which was tough to match throughout the evening.”

“In July, Just a Memory will tour the northeast with Shattered Envy and Autumn Fire, two Utica bands.”