Jump Up Devil / Press

“Jump Up Devil features Bruce Conforth on guitars and vocals and Anne Crawford on fiddle, piano and vocals. Their combination is reminiscent of the great original country blues ensembles of the pre WWII era. J.T. “Harmonica Buzz” Sunden, Michael Shimmin, and Ben Rolston complete the ensemble. Jump Up Devil does not just keep the traditional blues alive. This album energizes the genre and revitalizes the traditional acoustic ensemble blues. Their version of “Another Man Done Gone,” sparse with Conforth on slide guitar and Crawford singing in a mere whisper, is simply stunning and emotive. The new album covers some of the country blues greats, and some rarities and gems such as “Well, Well” by Kansas Joe McCoy; “Rattlesnake Blues” by Charley Patton’ “Don’t Cry Baby” by the obscure yet wonderful Freddie Spruell; “Bye Bye Baby” by George “Little Hat” Jones; and “On The Wall” by Louise Johnson, among others.The full band sound is so much fun and these musi”

“AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME!!!! Enjoyed every minute!!!! .....Resonators immediately caught my attention. I play em in my live show (Republic Clarksdale Special Tricone & a Republic & a Dean G series biscuit bridge.) LOVE RESOS/SLIDE/& DELTA BLUES. YA'LL ARE AWESOME.”

AnDrew Winters

““Bruce plays with such passion for Robert Johnson it was as if he was there in spirit! He must share more of his talent with the rest of the music world. His music is a tribute to my grandad that needs to be heard.” - ”

““Hearing Conforth play one becomes immediately aware of his obvious proficiency with slide and delta finger picking styles: he’s a great exponent of those genres.” ”

“Bruce Conforth played a blistering tribute to Robert Johnson at the UMS Monday night event at Cobblestone Farm. From slide to fingerpicking Conforth obviously knows, loves, and can play the blues in a way that very few today can match. His show on Monday did Johnson proud. ”

"I just listened to all your music and I find it incredible man!!, I really liked Your gonna need somebody on your bond,Relax your mind,Maria Elena.."Aah Hell, I totally loved it all man!! It's quite the piece of work and I can appreciate the fine warm blend of each instrument and vocal work. Such a clean, yet dirty kind of blend..total southern style :) Thank you for "wowing" me :)"

"Peace for My Baby" is a new EP released by Lansing bluesman Harmonica Buzz. Buzz handles the harp and the vocals while Grand Rapid's favorite son Michigan Mark DePree provides guitar support. These 7 songs are very laid back and spare and rely completely on the singer's personality to bring them off. The closest parallel I can think of for the first few cuts is Rickie Lee Jones. The syncopated chunky rhythm guitar underpins the silky smooth vocals. 5 of the 7 song ares are Buzz originals, including a very affecting short harmonica vehicle titled "Despite it All Blues." There are also respectful covers of Wilson Pickett's "If You Need Me" and Nick Lowe's "Soulful Wind." This latter item is particularly sucessful, a plaintive cry for the solace that never comes. This EP is sort of a kinder, gentler folk blues and is a very pleasant listen