Joe Rock / Press

"In speaking with Joe, I found out that his hidden treasures that he wrote so many years ago are finally able to be played to crowds that want to hear great original music. Joe doesn't stick to one particular type of music either. He has quite the crowd pleasing mix in his set list. All his band mates are exceptional musicians and their stage energy is amazing. They know how to have fun and keep the crowd grooving"

“Joe Rock does, indeed, rock. He has a deep love and understanding of music and where everything comes from. Heart and soul in every performance.”

"The Music of “Joe Rock and The All Stars” filled the room, I have heard this band many times before and they have always sounded really good. Now I’m not sure what it was maybe the acoustics of the building,The Vibe of Biker Brotherhood that filled the air or if these Guys where just feeling good! But they really brought their A Game and had the Crowd Rocking!"

“With his husky voice and rhythmic vibe, Joe Rock and The Blue Stars give ole style blues a new modern day gospel twist. Church never felt so good! ”

“Despite the torrents outside or maybe because of them, a holy communion of right rocking blues exhortation, salutation, levitation and extrasensory exhilaration was bestowed on the faithful by Rev. Rock and his heavenly ensemble of roadhouse boogie warriors. They roared through a set of gospel fueled, spiritually charged Americana. Taking to the path blazed by Springsteen’s “Seeger Sessions”, Rock explores the fecund fields of Woody Guthrie only to dive headfirst into a bayou of fun via an “Iko Iko/Women Are Smarter” medley. The gals segue into the Rev’s mellow baritone on vocals with the swinging joy of New Orleans joie de vivre.”