JigQlow The "F" Jones / Press

“JigQlow The " F"Jones needs to be signed by a major label. He's a really great artist and has talent. I'm looking forward to seeing you on TV and listening to your music. Just a FAN!”

J.A.M. Magazine

“My n***a I hear u r repping that 7th. Music good keep dropping that jigqlow sh**.”

“JigQlow Jones is not your average 21st century Black rapper. Honestly, I wouldn’t even call him a rapper. JigQlow would be an artist that would fall into my exclusive list of poets. His music speaks and follows as you listen to his every word and the meaning of his lyrics. His music is something that I would describe as pure genius.Now, this isn’t meant to be a biography. It’s certainly not a devoted tribute to JigQlow Jones (in my opinion) one of the greatest rappers of all time.This is a simple article that I hope makes you think. Good Luck! JigQlow”

Karen Sharpp - New Call

“You have such a different style & approach, it's the way you sound on the mic,that voice is very astonishing. I personally think that you need to get a good producer to work with, or get a deal with a recording company, to show how great you can be.”

L.J. - "Get It In" Magazine

“JigQlow your style is off the charts. Send some of that music to one of the local labels, they just need to hear your voice. See you @ the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Life is about running after your dream and never backing down or giving up! JigQlow "TheFundRaiser" Jones "Good Sh!t Homie"”

"Uncle Snopp Dogg" - 4/20 Magazine

“Good Voice, sounds like Solja a bit!”




QuincyJones - @QuincyJones

"Q" I have to say that you are going to the top. Your style is of your own! There's plenty Record Labels that are looking & listening for a new Sound, & Talent. I would have signed you along time ago, but, I'm a Journalist!!!!! So good luck on your journey JigQlow.......-

J.S. - Where Y@ Magazine

"Local NewOleans Originals": JigQlow, from the streets to the studio. We are here! Let's do it BIG!!!!! for 2013. This is your **Year** JigQlow. With the portion of music LNOO heard in the studio, you need to get it all out this "YEAR" contract are no contract. <LNOO>will play all of your songs on NewOrleans Radio!!!!!! Love,Peace,& Spread The Music!!!!!!! "D-J SpinYaTunes"

D-J SpinYaTunes - &quot;Local NewOleans Original&quot;

"Great Music by: JigQlow, I have to say that all good artist who continue to move forward, no matter the circumstances, will succeed in what they believe. "JigQlow" is that artist,he has so many catchy hooks it's unbelievable."JigQlow" will make history with his Talented Ways of Presenting Music. He told his story to MNAM. Some know him as "Q", "UCQ", "Q_Raps", "JigQlow".He's 1 out of 10 artist that will be a success. We'll Wishes and GoodLuck to you!!!!!! Thanks for the interview "Q"....... Sam Monee' :MNAM:

S.Monee - Meet New Artist Magazine

“Outstanding!!!!! He's very talented,sounds great,& universal music will take JigQlow to the top.... "See Ya! There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”