Jean-Claude Van Jamme / Press

“JCVJ is a an Austin funk band that knows how to bring it. I love Oboe’s and amazing band names and they have both. Had I not been doing this 30 days of music, I still would have gone to see them based on their name alone. The fun doesn’t stop at their name though, their performance was equal parts high energy and fun. And honestly how could it not be when they’ve got tracks like “Get Me To The Chopper!”, an obvious homage to the 80’s Arnold classic “Predator”. I’m a sucker for funk, and I would see them again in a heart beat. Check their music out for yourself here!”

“The crowd was buzzing, the horns were blazing, and the costumes were mesmerizing. Besides being extremely talented musicians, JCVJ knew how to razzle-dazzle. They encouraged audience participation with energetic reciprocal chants echoing throughout the evening. A 70’s funk throwback with hard rock edge, they managed to mix many genres well with a soulful undertone. Their rendition of “Regulate” by Warren-G was a display of their versatility and talent when Karyn Lane took to the mic. We look forward to another night with JCVJ very soon. You’ll definitely want to add this act to your ATX bucket list.”

“Jean Claude Van Jamme fits the jam band format but adds in energy and humor with tracks like “Get to the Choppa!,” a song referencing the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle, “Predator.” Although mostly sticking to funk, Jean Claude Van Jamme also played a few driving punk influenced songs but still kept the funk feeling.”