Jayne Dracula / Press

“Reverberating springs and claustrophobic rattles permeate the mixes of this EP. Listening to the singer made me think of Lori Petty. The music is thoroughly Goth-Punk and very strong. After a demo this solid, I cant wait to hear the band with proper production and with a full LP's worth of songs. Though, with the way they layer up and fool around with alternating parts, changing riffs, and tweaking the sound every few seconds, I am led to believe that there are enough guitar parts and elements here to be a full length album! Haha! For me, 'Glow In The Dark' the second song of the collection is the diamond. It alternates from light Garbage inspired moments, to cartoonishly cast images of darkened twisting castles, all the way to churning Type O Negative influenced power... The run time is very short, and it is only a small introduction to a band that, if given the time and the resource could churn out a beautiful work of art, but I like it. It makes me want to have that full length..”