Jax Resto / Press

“We had a great time and so did everyone there!! You could feel the excitement in the place as all were dancing and havin fun!! Gator Club was Rockin on Main St.”

“Wow.....You guys were great !!! I hope we can have you back @ The "DOG" ! ”

“Rock & Roll Female Band Invasion Live Sarasota New Years Eve http://wn.com/Rock_Roll_3_female_band_invasion_live_sarasota_new_years_eve_2010”

"The band sounded great! I love your versatility and eclectic choices."

“FBI rings in the new year with ABC News Weather man, Bob Harrigan on the main stage in downtown Sarasota.”

“Ok, I admit, when I first saw a band of good looking women on stage, I wasn't expecting much. Even at that, I thought, hey, if they don't stink, they'll go far just based on the novelty of a good looking all-female band. But when you started playing, I was floored. The guitarist is phenomenal and a great twist to the “all-girl” theme. But his pink hair and fantastic solos still weren't enough to upstage the rest of you. Singer is not only great looking, but has one of the best voices of anyone I've seen locally. And really? A female drummer who can rock out Zep...and still look feminine and sexy? I have to say, though, the image I really had a hard time getting out of my head was the bass player. Six foot tall and blonde. Holy crap. You ladies rock! What a refreshing change from the same old standards and classic rock tunes I hear everywhere I go. Loved all your music. You're one of the most enjoyable bands I've seen in a long time”

“In Studio Band - Female Band Invasion - An Entertaining and Informative Show - "Old Time Radio"”

“The new #1 song for the final weekly Top 10 of 2010 is from a new all-girl group taking Tampa Bay by storm. Former member of Kore, Jax, left the band about 6 months ago to form her new band which she calls FBI, an acronym for Female Band Invasion. After only 1 week in the Top 10, they have blasted their way to the top with Free To Be Me.”

"This band is AWESOME! I can’t wait to hear them live on the on the radio."

“The Band played for my event on Oct.16th at Phillippi Estate Park and wrote a song dedicated to the organization The Compassionate Friends. The song was sung at the event and everyone loved the music and most beautiful words. A great new and upcoming band!!! Wishing them the very BEST!!! ”

“Saturdays Sounds of Sarasota will be a real treat for listeners as Female Band Invasion will be performing live and talking with your hosts about their band.  Tune in for the inside scoop on how Female Band Invasion got their start – what their first gigs were like, and what their hopes and aspirations are for the future!  Saturday afternoon from 1 until 3 p.m.”

“One of the most up and coming bands to the local area, FBI. They play as tight as any band I have come across in many years, due I feel to the leadership and energy of talented and beautiful drummer Jax, the driving force behind mechanics of the band. Combine that with the powerful and passionate vocals of Cat, the imaginative and colorful lead guitarist Jimi who can play anything from classical to powerhouse rock, and Jenn who can make it in the world of rock n roll not only with her looks but with her talent as a great bass player. Put all that talent together and you have FBI (Female Band Invasion) Keep an eye out for these guys they're going places.... This was my first band shoot and I edited it rather quickly but looking past the typos you should be able to pick up on the fun and enthusiasm these guys produce when they perform. ”