Jai Mayweather / Press

“Due to a recent amount of inquiries, I would like to clarify that Jai Boy aka Jai Mayweather is currently and has been single for a good amount of time. He does have a group called "Miss.Mayweather's", which is a group of fans who take his last name, however, that is not saying that he is married or in any sort of realationship with any of these females. He has the most dedicated/ loyal fans that he could ask for, and with that in mind a lot of his fans which at times feel entitled to call him their boyfriend or even thier husband. All that is perfectly fine, but we would like to reassure everyone that he is very much single and will stay that way due to not having the time to invest in any relationship other than his relationship with music. This is not intended for anyone specific, this is just a clairfication to a enourmous amount of ongoing inquiries about his relationship status. Thank you.”

Priscilla Padilla- Owner Two-Three Ent. - Jai Boy is Single

“Press Release Part I Production talks with JaiBoyTV Weslaco, Texas- April 25, 2011- PC Productions has been in talks with JaiBoyTV about an Upcoming Reality TV Show Project. Production is still being thought out and initial estimates are that filming will start in Early July 2011. Information will be released in a timley manner. Concept The concept of this Reality TV Show is based on upcoming rapper Danny Padilla (Alias is Jaiboy) and crew. Our Camera crew will follow Jaiboy through his day as an everyday independent artist and experiences his first big performance as he travels across the State of Texas. His journey will include the normal ups and downs of an independent artist and the comical part of his day as Danny Padilla. More Information on the concept will be released soon. ”