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“Home Entertainment Music Listen to 'Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound' Article by: TIM CAMPBELL , Star Tribune Updated: December 2, 2013 - 11:20 AM the Chicago label responsible for last year’s reissue of the lost Minneapolis classic “The Lewis Connection” — the 32 tracks on this two-CD (or four-LP) set are like hopping a ride on the Mothership to 1974-1984, before Prince and the Time put “the Minneapolis Sound” on the pop culture map.”

“By Jon Dolan January 3, 2014 The hybrid of funk, pop, New Wave and guitar-rock Prince concocted in the early Eighties was briefly dubbed "The Minneapolis sound." This two-disc set tells the story of that sound, from the proto-disco Seventies to the synthed-up Eighties. You get a high school "Prince Nelson," in 1975, playing breezy guitar with his cousin's ex-husband's lite-funk band 94 East, and two unreleased 1979 tracks from future R&B superproducer Terry Lewis' band Flyte Tyme. As the Prince era dawns, fascinating strains of paisley abound – like Alexander O'Neal's "Borrowed Time," which puts Rick James in moon boots and hits like Kirby Puckett. The compilation chronicles the come up of the clean sophisticated funk chops of the Purple Mecca both before and after it received the Paisley Park treatment. The comp LP brings together some choice and rare cuts from the likes of Alexander O’Neal, Rockie Robbins, Haze, Sue Ann Carwell, Prophets of Peace And Aura, and Cohesion.”

“PRLog (Press Release) - Mar 14, 2011 This Kansas City native spent most of his formative years on the stages of Minneapolis as one of the pioneers of the Minneapolis sound, is releasing his sophomore solo project entitled One Love. JT ‘s natural ear and love for music developed at young age. By his mid-teens, he had taught himself to play several instruments, including the piano, guitar,bass guitar and more. JT was a part of The Family band, playing along side Prince and The Original 7even(The Time) at many venues in battle of bands across the Twin Cities. JT has most recently Produced 10 tribute albums for artists ranging from Rascal Flatts to Jamie Foxx and High School Musical. One Love was entirely written, performed and produced by JT Apollo. Its sound is reminiscent of that true Minneapolis sound that lifts your spirits and makes you want to move. We invite you to listen and feel the passion and the sounds of JT Apollo”