JLatay / Press

“Your music is remarkable you got a gem for a voice!!!”

Graffiks from Reverb and D.U.G., Facebook

“I gotta give you full props on your music. It is really impresive and not boring so you got my vote! Your voice is amazing! I really like "Somebody to love" What made you come up with that song! I played it like 5 times already this morning!That song is off the chain! ”

Jahbez, Reverbnation

“Jazzy.....We all surrounded around the computer & ur voice put smiles in our hearts....VERY PROUD OF YOU GIRL!!!!!!”

Victoria Clarke-browne, Facebook

“I love your voice ! so beautiful ♥”

Kailah Sierra

“Num 2 My favorite... I tinhk im in love.. lol”

Holloman Kaaron

“Jasmine..!! omq..!! I soooo love "Somebody to love" it's on replay riqht now..!! ♥ do yah thinq babe..!!”

Danielle Lester

“just listened to all of the songs you have on here. They sound great. Good luck. God Bless.”

Cindy Hedges