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“INF! is able to successfully deliver that signature northern sound that is hometown is famous for all throughout Animal Control. As mentioned before, this album is for fans of “true hip-hop and R&B fans”, and it’s easy to see why all throughout the album. INF! has a cadenced and mature flow that is obviously influenced by his northern roots, and he utilizes it nicely with meaningful lyrics and great wordplay. Animal Control features guest appearances from High Caliber Music label mates: The HCM Gang, rap legend DV Alias Khryst, Emilio Rojas, Emanny, and GED, and they help in guiding the album smoothly along. INF! definitely doesn’t disappoint from a technical standpoint.”

"New York’s Hip Hop scene is more than what happens in the five boroughs and Long Island. As you read this, emcees in Albany, Buffalo, Yonkers and all around The Empire State are honing their skills and a variety of elements, including emceeing. One such place is Rochester. Made famous by Kodak, the city has fallen on hard times since the picture company’s decline. So through the concrete of The Roc, Hip Hop has grown like a rose. One such example is an emcee by the name of INF!. Formerly INF! Da Beast, he now goes by just INF!, but he’s still beasting on every beat he gets his hands on. He also reps the collective known as High Caliber Music, with him and general JD Riggz, showing that their city is more than the dopeness that is Emilio Rojas."

“HCM’s INF! drops his latest mixtape Animal Awareness, which you can peep after the jump.”

“Today i had the pleasure of speaking with High Caliber artist INF!, who’s currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming project Animal Awarness dropping December 1st. We touched on everything from his Musical influences, his opinion on the state of New York hip-hip, the new project of-course and much more. check out the full interview below. What drew you into hip-hop music?”

“Rochester, NY native and High Caliber Music artist INF! drops a short story visual to his inspirational single "Keep Pushing" featuring KXL & Mouth. Directed by Joe Santana of Clean Cut Cinema. The song is produced by KXL and is off his debut album, Animal Control, set to drop late May 2014 on iTunes, Amazon and other retailers. Stream/buy the single at ThisisHCM.com Submitted By: HCMGANG”

“Keep Pushing (Official Music Video) INF! feat. KXL & Mouth”

“More proof that there’s a pool of untapped talent making moves in the Rochester, NY and Western NY area. Here’s the brand new visuals from INF! for ‘Keep Pushing’, off the ‘Animal Control’ album.”

“Brand new single from INF! titled Shots Fired, off his upcoming projects Animal Control and Animal Awareness.”

“Emcee, producer INF! delivers the 3rd single off his upcoming album Animal Control, and will also live on his new mixtape due out next month titled Animal Awareness. The self-produced cut is titled “Shots Fired.””

“Hip-Hop MC/Producer INF! (short for I'll Never Fail!), drops his 3rd single off his upcoming album Animal Control (and will also be featured on his new mixtape coming next month called Animal Awareness). The title of the track is "Shots Fired", produced by INF! himself. official-track - stay on that grind.”

“Q: "what or who made you want to be an emcee? A: A lot of people had a part of me wanting to be an emcee, both Major, and in my personal life. I was always intrigued by LL Cool J's voice and passion when I first heard Mama Said Knock You out, then Hearing 2Pac's I get around, the Biggies, Outkast, so on and so forth And as far as personally, the 3 people who INFluenced me to actually do this, is JD Riggz back in 96/97, My cousin Tynitty, and My Brother Nuke”

“INFsTruMentalz Hosted by DJ Tony Touch featuring guest apperances from Q. Easy, Cardiak, JD Riggz, Daggerz, DzIlla and more. Production byJD Riggz, Chemist, Ceased Werds, Kajmir Royale, Young Los, INF! Da Beast and more. Almost a year in the making, INFsTruMentalz is more of an album than a mixtape. Download link below.”

“05 - dzilla - hate if you wanna (feat . inf casso) - umt .mp3 shout out for the MONEY ROLLING joint. Termanology, TWeaponz, AG, INF aka Casso, my lil brother Izzy Ill, I could not have done it with out you guys.”