“Idiginis By Nicholas L. Hall Idiginis manages to blend tradition and modernity, weaving a reggae sound that is at once strident continuation and striking interpretation. At times heavily influenced by dub, Idiginis shines in its wily use of space in framing a song – the group knows that music comes from not just what you play, but what you don't. Idiginis subscribes not only to the ascetic minimalism of dub and reggae, but the music’s spiritual elements well.”

“ Nominated In: Best Reggae/Dub There are a bunch of reasons to like Idiginis, the eight-man-deep dark horse in this year's Best Reggae/Dub category. They describe themselves as soldiers, but spell it as "souljahs"; their MySpace page prominently features both a lion and a lamb; and they have a song called "Untrue Lies," which, until we heard it, we thought was the only kind of lies. But mostly they play reggae music really, really well, which is pretty much never a bad thing. Oh, and their music was featured on Wife Swap. That show owns. Shea Serrano”

“If you want to hear prime-time grass-roots Reggae music, you need to see Idiginis live! They are making innovative & timeless music that will revolutionize not only Reggae, but your mind, body & soul too. Mark my words people, mark my words..."”

“This music is of legend quality, it will certainly outlive the music makers. You should listen now!”

“Solid reggae riddims and superb guitar work make Idiginis' debut release an indicator of great things to come from the group.”

Scottie McDonald - KTRU-FM, Rice Radio Reggae

"You have a new sound that I never heard before"

"Reggae 3000 is coming...IDIGINIS!"

"I was so impressed with this band when I first came across them and I couldn’t believe that a big sound like that was coming from a reggae band here in Houston."