IC1s / Press

"Love ‘Not Perfect’, Indie pop rock with attitude, particularly infectious!"

Sarah Champion (Absolute Radio)

"A proper, no messing about, rock and roll band”.

Mark Beaumont (NME, The Times, The Guardian)

“Not many bands can jump on an out of town stage and set the place buzzing but these lads did, but that’s the class of them. The interplay and banter with the crowd eased us all into the swing of things and the place soon realised a top performance was in the making”

Nidge - Louder Than War

““If you go and see a new band, go and see IC1s, they’re brilliant and post-everything”.”

Alan Mcgee (Creation Records/Oasis)

““ After meeting IC1s and seeing obvious confidence exuding from their being it’s easy to see this is not a band of pomp and circumstance; they actually deliver in spades – an approach to live performance that’s lacking in today’s scene. Highly exciting to watch and thought provoking to listen to – but they’ve also an ace in their deck in lead singer Daniel Coburn. A must see for anyone who wants a real rock and roll band with attitude and ability”.”

Gary Powell (The Libertines)

"They're a little bit Libertines, a little bit Ramones - but they're certainly 100% hundred percent London. Whack Jack must surely serve as a stomping, unifying crowd pleaser live. The punk rock chorus comes out of precisely nowhere and is the sort of thing the word 'tasty' was invented for".

Pete Donaldson (XFM/6music)

“IC1s make classic British indie rock music so well you may wonder why the Vaccines get the press and they don’t. New single ‘Growing Up Going Down’ is another strong entry into their songbook, and should fill all your guitar needs for the day.”


“Reminiscent of a young puppy on heat the latest track from London outfit the IC1S is excitable and messy yet it is all the better for it. It is a heavyweight anthem that will leave you begging for more. From start to finish the track grows in stature and you would certainly expect the stature of the band to explode after this fresh new track.”