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“​ ToRi-LyNN: Uprising Star Written by: Jennifer Zimmerman Natural Teens Magazine ​ToRi-LyNN is an amazing, young singer/songwriter, and is an inspiration to young people everywhere. She has many inspirations, but her biggest inspiration is her little brother, Glenn. He has an irreversible genetic disease called Cystinosis. Her first single, “Labyrinth of Love” was dedicated to him. Tori- Lynn is determined to get the word out about this disease and with her positivity, there is no doubt that she will succeed. ​Tori-Lynn has performed mostly in southern Florida. She started singing professionally 5 years ago and it was not her dream at first, “I started out as a dancer. I was a well rounded dancer since I was three years old”. With the support of her friends and family her career is taking off. This uprising artist is going to make it big- that's for sure!! ​You can reach out to ToRi-LyNN at: ​http://IAmToRiLyNN.com ​http://youtube.com/gdtgjones4 ​”

Jennifer Zimmerman - Natural Teens Magazine

“Rocky Coast News (RCN) America is pleased to have Tori-Lynn featured as our latest "Musician Spotlight", where we highlight, promote up and coming musicians that have amazing vocals, sound, style and/or who are able to play an instrument while singing.”

“ToRi-LyNN releases new original single on July 1, 2012 called, NOBODY BUT ME. Be sure to check it out!!!”

“DragonFly collaborates with upcoming South Florida artist, Tori-Lynn, on her first single called, LABYRINTH OF LOVE. Tori-Lynn & DragonFly are both thrilled for the release of her new single and music video, which is now up on youtube. DragonFly is proud to announce that 100% of all proceeds of "Labyrinth of Love" are being donated to help find a cure for Cystinosis. Bringing awareness to this cause is important because Tori-Lynn’s brother, Glenn Jones, has been diagnosed with this very rare, genetic & incurable disease. Find out more at www.cystinosis.org”

“APRIL 2011 EDITION ITB's LIVE & LOUD SPOTLIGHT Introduces up & coming artist ToRi-LyNN ”

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