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“Asphyxiating Worship is a song that speaks directly to God. It’s words “Lord we need your sweet love in this place…Lord we yearn for your peace, just pour it down like rain..” encourage those in a congregation or in private time to mentally take part in the worship experience. The voice behind this song is [...]”

“Alana Hatcher Ray Praising ! Loving the CD! Praising in the car like nobody else is on the road. Could be dangerous lifting my hands while driving . Tell your amazing wife she has made the morning drive! Trying to find my fav track is too hard. Tell me how to share.”


““It’s awesome that gospel will be featured at BAAMfest! this year”, says West. “Birmingham has such a versatile gamut of gospel talent. It’s great to offer the people something that will uplift their spirits!” The BAAMfest! Gospel Showcase will feature performances by the Worship Center Christian Church, Curtis Glenn and Free2Worship, Netra Young, Valerie Giles and more. A BAAMfest! pass is required for admission.”