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“HoodGoodGoodie: young, black,intelligent,creative, and caring- started on the scene at the age of thirteen. Growing up in the streets of East Palo Alto, California she learned quick that you have to have tough skin to survive. Survivor of a broken home due to drugs and domestic violence HoodGoodGoodie looked to music for a peace of mind and a way to escape. Now in this day in age she looks to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for peace a of mind, not giving a damn at the stereo types or characteristics that anyone thinks she should be as a “Female Rapper”. Back in the early 90’s HoodGoodGoodie started out rapping to the sounds of her brother beat boxing.Years later in 2008 HoodGoodieGIRL Music Label was created. Things are moving slow however this dynamic fierce lady will not let the game fade her off the scene. So stay tuned.”

“So Who's HoodGoodGoodie? Q & A Session.”

“Artist: Hood Good Goodie Song: "I Can Love You" - originally by Mary J. Blige Notes: Hood Good Goodie lends her flair to this R&B staple.”

“I was trying to put together an artist profile for you guys featured one of our talented lady hip-hoppers, but I couldn't pick just one. This lady made the cut. HoodGoodGoodie Track: "Dip On'em" Free! About: "Instead of going the route of the ever so popular "I'm A Bad Girl theory" my whole aim is in reference to being a "GOODIEGIRL" "Good Girls Always Win" type of theme. The message is brought in complex way -you could consider me your non-traditional christian keeping it real, raw & uncut."”

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