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“Hills Rolling Has a very distinctive Alt Rock, Punk, Country feel with superb lyrics and great vocals, reminds us of Blink 182 or Sum41 style. Very pleasing to the ear indeed with a really feel good sound that will lift and brighten up your day.”

“Congrats on getting your music played on XM SATELLiTE Radio Trey! Very cool indeed. I like the sound of your new project HILLS ROLLING, cool direction for sure! ”

Jay Harren - Columbia Records

“McGriff has both talent and versatility to perform many instruments, but upon listening to the songs on Sweet Tea, it isn’t difficult to catch the basic beats and lyrics while appreciating his potential as a musician and performer. For those that haven’t heard him before, McGriff’s previous musical credits include The Real World – Denver, and XM Satellite Radio. “Crazie” is the opening track and perhaps the strongest one, flavored with a seventies style with modern rock blended in; “Not Again” is reminiscent to the songs of the nineties and there is the slightly psychedelic sound present. Sweet Tea is one of those albums that touches on a variety of genres while allowing McGriff to show that there is no time like the present; it would be difficult to choose a single from this album, they are all so well executed and totally “sweet” from beginning to end.”

Indie Music Stop

““Sweet Tea” is the debut CD from Hills Rolling, the latest project by Atlanta’s Trey McGriff. McGriff not only wrote, arranged and produced all the songs on the CD but also plays all the instruments and provides all the vocals. The first song, “Crazie,” kicks off the CD with catchy lyrics and a driving rock beat peppered with southern flavor, setting the up-tempo tone for the rest of the songs. “Not Again,” “No I Don’t Mind At All,” “Here And Now” and “Waiting On You” shift between various multi-layered effects of harmonica, bongos and vocal harmonies for their individual flair. On “Watching Waves,” the sparse lyrics, “Standing in the ocean / Watching the waves roll by, roll by,” open the song up for the instrumental jam that follows before closing out with the same lyrics. The acoustic “Laugh Out Loud” and the sci-fi-tinged instrumental “Middle Of Nowhere” illustrates the diversity of McGriff’s songs.”

Kat Coffin - Performer Magazine

“My favorite HILLS ROLLING track is, “Watching Waves.” That track just flows and sounds perfect. My favorite hit on the Sweet Tea CD is, “Not Again.” I just cannot get enough. As for the songwriting that was a tough call. If I had to pick I would say, track 5, “Laugh Out Loud.” I just feel that all the tracks were of equal songwriting capacity. They were very well written & constructed. I know that this CD came out in 2007 but here at Skope we do not believe that any music has an expiration date. I assure you that you will be able to enjoy this CD in 2012 and beyond.”

Mikey Frieds - Skope Magazine

“We here at NeuFutur had the chance to review Hills Rolling’s last album, “Sweet Tea”, and we were very impressed with the rock stylings of the band at that point. “Something Delicious” is the latest disc by Hills Rolling, and it showcases 9 impressive tracks that build upon the solid foundation that was created by “Sweet Tea”. “Something Delicious” begins with “I Wake Up”, a unique track that defies convention from the onset. The track itself has a slacker vibe to it that is counter-balanced by the innovative arrangements that are present throughout. Hills Rolling can switch musical styles on a stop of a dime, but the whole of their compositions on “Something Delicious” represent a coherent, cohesive entity. Trey’s vocals are the cherry on top of the band’s instrumental sundae: the ability of McGriff’s vocals to curl and twist above the instrumentation on “Something Delicious” is simply something that has not been heard on music up to this point.”

Neufutur Magazine

“Trey McGriff is Hills Rolling, and on his second album under the moniker he has not only made one of the most compact releases of the year (nine tracks at 27 minutes), but also one of the most enjoyable. Opening track on Something Delicious, “I Wake Up”, instantly reminds one of A great old Lou Reed tune with its two-chord verse structure before melting down into a tasty, beautiful bridge. “Need It” is all retro and fuzzed-out with its garage band riffage – a new dose of “Nuggets” for the new generation. “Nothing Like Good Times” treads into Teenage Fanclub territory with its pretty acoustic guitars and lyrical pursuits. “Aditude” is electric, danceable, and just plain good rocking fun. This is fun, smart pop/rock that anyone can enjoy. Certainly one of the best DIY indie releases to come around in a while. Snap it up now, please!”

Jason Thompson - Bullz Eye Magazine

“Great show Trey & I Love your sound! Hope we do it again real soon! -Roger Alan Wade Featured on MTV's Jackass Soundtrack. Visit www.RogerAlanWade.com”

“Hills Rolling, out of Atlanta, Georgia, is one guy, that being Trey McGriff, who plays everything (and everything is quite a bit) on SWEET TEA, his debut release. "Watching Waves" almost sounds like an acoustic collaboration between Tom Petty and Perry Farrell. Where I really got drawn into Hills Rolling, however, was on the melodies and arrangements of the tracks. I kept getting sucked more and more deeply into the disc after listening to it repeatedly.”


“With the combination of deadpan, laconic vocals, fiery, psychedelic leanings and a rootsy, acoustic foundation, Georgia’s Hills Rolling recall ‘90s college rock gods like Cracker, Soul Asylum or Jane’s Addiction. The band is actually just the project of singer-songwriter Trey McGriff, who wrote, arranged and produced every track of his debut, Sweet Tea, himself, as well as, his other CD's and Singles. And the album’s title is no misnomer; with a gritty Southern influence, his songs are catchy, riff-heavy doses of Southern hospitality that would perfectly accompany any scene of slacker shenanigans set below the Mason-Dixon line. Recommended uses: Scenes of college kids drinking beer on rooftops in summertime. Sun-dappled drives on the open road.”

Whitney Jones - Rumblefish

“Trey, Well done!! Hooky and well recorded...melodic rough and satisfying...keep up the good work!”

“Congrats! Cool tunes man! Good stuff! :-)”