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Biz' HeadKnokas Band / Press

“HEADKNOKAS BAND (FUNK, SMOOTH JAZZ, RnB, SOFT ROCK, PARTY MUSIC, & Hip_blues) MY EXPERIENCE - Nationally toured with many artists. "AF- U.N." –Globally known Blues Artist "Me&Heath" – Winners of Los Angeles best original band "Kurupt(Snoop Dogg)" – Worldwide known Artist. "HeadKnokas” – (ReverbNation) top 5 hip-hop/pop band in Los Angeles, CA in 2013. "The Low Keys" – LA based "Amittai Rise" - Globally known Christian rock band "MTV" – Save the Music Tour 2011 “Jakob Dylan” Country Tour "Little Bears" MTV reality band "House Of Vibes" Touring International band - 50,000 + attend”


“HEADKNOKAS MUSIC GROUP/PRODUCTION HeadKnokas music started with Kenneth McKenzie(RBizzy) and Jacob McElroy(Jbizz). Who are two brothers from Compton and South central, brought up throught foster care with music influence from there foster parents. There mother was strung out on cocaine and there father committed suicide, which left the brothers and there sister to deal with the streets of Los Angeles. "We pour all of our pain and life on our music, go get the album." -RBizzy The HeadKnokas performed all over the U.S. with local and well known bands like: AFUN, Stevey Wonder, Kurupt-Dogg Pound (Snoop Lion), IES Festival-2013, Desert Rocks Festival-2013, and many more. "We want to inspire the world to do what you love to do-despite of your circumstances".-JBizz HeadKnokas is currently working on RBizzy(The Truth) album-which will be targeting 2pac fans along with competing with today's artist like Drake,”

“NEW ALBUM ON ITUNES NOW: www.livenation.com/artists/108258/the-headknokas”

“Great news to all our fans, followers and family! It’s official, February 11th 2013 is the release date for IN MY CITY by BiZ.Guv — The publishing process was tedious and indeed exhausting, only patience and perseverance kept us working hard to release the single. At first, I had to run around town to get the files for the engineer to mix and master the material. At first I thought that would be the tough part, then came the issue with my debit card: Actually, it’s still frozen and I‘m ready to take legal action with the bank for undermining my business; nonetheless, my friend came to the rescue by letting me use his card. I’m more than thankful for the favor. I’m extremely ecstatic now that everything is going according to plan and I can’t wait for all our people to go on Pandora and type in Biz.Guv on the 11th of February. The single will be distributed to numerous online stores like iTunes, Spotify, Xbox Live, Google Play, Amazon and many more.”

Guvie Malitos

“HeadKnokas Production are wide rang production team. Which we(RBizzy&JBizz) wrote a song for Usher Ramond ft. Christ Brown- this song has an International feel, but an American club sound. We are the new wave/era of producers! Become a fan...”

“Kurupt from the Dogg Pound Family, Teddy Riley, Jakob Dylan & Stevey Wonder are just few people who have worked and seen the top5(ReverbNation.com)performing live, songwriting, and music productiongroup in Los Angeles, California.”

“Here's some references: -Tha GoodFellas(DJ Jeff/Romeo) @Power 106/93.5KDAY -DJ Prophet @93.5KDAY -House Of Vibes(Anthony Brewster) @Harvelles in Santa Monica, Ca. -Everybodys Radio(tea time) -Norwood Management(Willie Norwood)-Grammy Winner Brandy Norwood -L.A. Inner City Mass Chior- BET Concert/Whitney Houston Tribute -Teddy Riley- Production Adviser. -Members of ASCAP -Sponsored by SoulTone”


“The name of this music team is called, HeadKnokas Production. A pop/funk/RnB band, who is selling material currently internationally(France and Belgium). Doing over 200 hundred shows a year nationally and performing in front of thousands. HeadKnokas became the top image of party band!  RBizzy, front man and founder has made his mark, his own sound, feel, market, his own industry. This is a 4 piece band(2keyboardist/drums/bassist) that is built for long, happy, fun endurence for club/parties. RBizzy(HEADKNOKAS) mission is to be WORLDWIDE... by inspiring all to do what they love to do.”


“Free Download!!! as a fan... Check out the newest HIT SINGLE "Shawty So Fine" by: RBizzy Produce by HeadKnokas Production Biz. This is a universal song that he wrote and intended for Akon. Congrats Biz, on your new single/album. WORLDWIDEM!$$!0N”

WorldWide Mission

“HeadKnokas WorldWide Sweaters on deck... $45- http://t.co/iN1kwcl”

WorldWide Mission

“HUGH SHOUT OUT TO OUR BROTHER 4RM A SALVADORIAN MOTHER: GUVAMINT... WIT A ANOTHER BANGER- produce by: Base Money Mix and Mastered by: Biz Recorded by: HeadKnokas-”

WorldWide Mission

“HeadKnokas Production has joined forces with the Natural Hair Community- over 27,000.00 viewers, also Washington DC will be will be promoting HeadKnokas production on the web/radio with over thousands of people watching listening to the HOTTEST (HK) production team out of Los Angeles, Ca. CONGRATS TO THE OF HEADKNOKAS-”

WorldWide Mission