"Animal from the Muppets was my first favorite drummer" (says Neal Hale of the band HALEMERRY) and I've adapted his mentality and approach to playing the drums. Neal Hale's drum kit was featured as kit of the month in our Modern Drummer Magazine July 2013 issue. Congrats on an amazing kit Neal.

“420- FEST 2013 - we will keep you updated with additional information...Jacksonville is smoking...LOL on 420- and Halemerry is ON STAGE.”


“HALEMERRY'; dark, edgy vibrant power and style, add to that the fantastically crisp timing on percussion and that cutting, driving guitar, this band has one hell of a great sound!”

“HALEMERRY will be on stage SEPT 7th with OTEP and ONE EYED DOLL...show up! The PIT in JAX...”

"You are a great band with a superb drummer kicking some @$$...Peace and Love always " Feb 28

"Dear amazing talented friends, Great music! Great voice! light my heart! Absolutely fantastic! Peace & Love* " Ryo

"World Still Spinning Round' rocks !! Great vocals too. Best regards from Germany :) Feb 13

"Great sound! Love the drums and the playing! You guys rock!"

"Fantastic sound, blend of styles and rawkin' attitude ya got there my friends, keep up the good work, and my best wishes to you for a truly wonderful 2012!"

"Wow! Halemerry, Neal and Kelley make an unstoppable power that...wait...why would you even want to stop them? This is great music that Should be #1 everywhere!!!!"

“HALEMERRY live on MARCH 10th opening for DAVID ALLAN COE at BREWSTERS PIT in Jacksonville, FL show starts at 7pm...tickets are on sale. For more info contact 904-477-0308”